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I'm not a girl! XD nuff' said!
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Mah words!
Please excuse my poor handwriting and some grammar errors XD
Ooops! haha I had a bit of a problem with the layers there XP
@Andrea C.Castro: aww thankies! (;w;)!
and I would be delighted to read yours! XD
Okay guys remember to read this way <-------

P.S. I'm kinda new at making a full comic.. I hope you enjoy it :D
It's starting
Please excuse my Lazy Shading.... (>__<)

P.S. read this way <----
Yes!! starting now I'm updating and getting this story started!!

P.S. I managed to update my style!
swoosh XD
LOL I'm actually the opposite! takes me an hour to figure out what to put on the first panel! (>__<)
I'm starting to hear the sound of my manliness being flushed down the toilet.....

anyways we are back! YAY! we will be updating again
@Yaqirah: Gotta "breed" 'em all!! *wink*
My sister told me that her boobs can tell when it's going to rain,Oddly enough It did... O__O

so I told my classmates and that's how they reacted

P.S. My friend with the cat ears is a super Hentai freak!
before I met him, I thought hentai were just pictures of anime naked women, turns out it has sub-categories... WHAT????

@Krysnosis: You're eatin' what I always see you eating, Vienna Sausages >:D
I have Big butts and I cannot lieh!
(@yaqirah & @prussiangamer, I appreciated your comments them bananas are gud YES?XD)

anyways... while we were out shopping, my sister mentioned how abnormally big my butt is for a guy.. then everyone started touchin' it! >:O

P.S. that's not a man purse I'm holding.... that's the bag you use when you're about to shop a lot of clothes (which my sister does) and also; I'm too lazy to color the page very well!)
I want a teabot too!!! >:O
@Yaqirah: and it's 9 inches long~ (>//3//<)
My mom told me that Dole bananas are export bananas so they're bigger than regular ones.... and It was Gigantic!! so I was very amazed, ('0')
from meh!
to answer all your questions.... yes I gots man boobs!
but they're small but very squishy and I love squishin' it ;3; and one time my sister caught me squishing it and thus this comicstrip was born!!

comments are very much cherished Ho! Ho! Ho!