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AD: yo ppl, check out
it's like the best drawing site ever
January 13th, 2013
oh God, Sasha, you're just too adorable <3
September 14th, 2012
OMG SASHA I know how you feel about your accent ;v;
When I talk with native speakers I'm always afraid they won't understand me T-T
every single page of this comic makes me laugh really hard, because I KNOW THAT FEEL SO WELL

I missed updates ;-; please don't abandon this comic again!
God I love them so much. ALL OF THEM.
THIS is just... perfect. I'm LITERALLY crying hahaha you win absolutely everything with this.

oh god, I'm smiling like an idiot for at least 5 minutes already. What are you doing to me thryn ?
hahaha, SASHA'S FACE
god... Misha, are you REALLY going to do it D8 ?
I can't wait to see Sashas reaction, hahaha
@thryn: YES I AM ;v;. I still think it's amazing and of course i still love your comic <3. It may sound stupid, but somehow it made me feel happy to hear one of my favorite comic artists from smackjeeves is Polish. I couldn't stop myself from commenting on that, haha (god i feel so silly). btw, I don't know if you know Polish language, but there's really amazing drawing site with lots of great Polish artists it would be awesome if you'd check it out
my dear god, thryn, YOU ARE POLISH? NO WAY. I was wondering where are you from, but I'd never suspect POLAND. I'M SO PROUD OF MY COUNTRY NOW haha. Gdzie Ty byłaś całe moje życie? Teraz kocham Twój komiks jeszcze bardziej <3
No, Misha. You HAVE TO reply.
God, I want them to meet each other alreadyyy. Can't wait for the next pages.
Btw I love your style and the way you choose colors <3. Keep doing amazing work.
I love Misha's cactus sweater, hahaha

and aww, they look so cute together <3
May 21st, 2012
Oh my dear God. Phobs has smackjeeves... words can't describe how excited I am. I love your Mongolia sketchdumps on DA and now I can finally read a comic THANK YOU
i find it simply amazing. the story is great and i think it's also very touching. LOVED IT.
I'm amazed how nicely it is done. especially love the way you draw the forest <3
May 15th, 2012
i just wanted to say, this is the best fucking gay comic i've ever seeeeen! keep on doing amazing work. can't wait for the next page !