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Just an average anime fan/gaming/artisic female online. Nothing special...
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Ah... It's good to see that you got your motivation back... :3
Ouch! That smarks! And I know that, since it happened to me once!
@Purple Lobsterman: Uh, no. He owed me sweets.
December 13th, 2012
...What the hell, I don't even know, but this is so funny!! XD
December 11th, 2012
Pffft! XD

I feel so bad for Aki now. XD
Yay! Blade has crush on Chikii! And she has one on Blade! How adorable!! XD
Okay, now that's a piss off moment!
Glad to hear that you made it. I only got a crapload of strong winds.

BTW, nice job on the page.
Kaidou is not a happy man. XP

Funny and Cute in the same time! Hopefully you better soon!
Uh-oh..... This ain't good for neither of them... Get Aki back Kaidou! :O
Cooking mistakes happen to anyone. But still, focus on cooking Aki!!
Aki!! Just ignore it! Think about Kaidou!!!
It's October, so yea...
Making Chibi Comic for Halloween.
Lets hope Aki's parents don't remember him or it was just a fluke....
Yikes... Hate to be near Exploud right now. >_<
October 2nd, 2012
Now that's pretty mean! XP
....Sudden hugs are surprising, but nice. :3