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Andrea C.Castro
Andrea C.Castro
September 10th, 2012
thiscomic will be awssomee and I will have to wait like 1 mounth for 4 pages ,so0 I think that you should submit the second page and then the other saturday you submit the 3rd one huh???
woaa ,so0c ute I love shoujo storiees n.n!!!
woaaaaa,so0 awsomee!!
This looks interesting n.n!
awww ,so cuteeeee!!
@momoismyname: yeaaah !!finally n.n and I will continued n.n!!
@Divine Knight: yeei!!thank you n.n!!
@Andrew Wolfwood: thank you very much n.n!
@Reiu Shanra: uhm keep reading I will keep updating and you will find out son!
@ammychild: yeah I know ,she got to this new scho0l and now she is in problems ,she dont know what to do with all this information that she know!!
@QueenMaureen: thank you Im glad that you like it n.n!
@Shannonismyname: you will se soon!!
hey I,m so sorry for the long wait!
I'm sorry for my fans I will continue mi comic until the end!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<!
@Andromeda Lazuli: haha really ?.. haha thanks n.n!
@Tosutosart: thank you n.n!
@3borr: haha thanl you so much n.n!
Hi there how are you !
hey I want to invited you to this deviant art group !!
your art is amazing I want to invited you to our sj family group on deviant art n.n!
so feel free to join us!