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Sulfurbunny is a couple of people that love Pokemon, old games, and the creative process of writing and drawing comics.

Night: Writer/beta
Maggs: Writer/Artist
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@MercenaryX That sounds like a fun idea! Though I imagine most of the Victory Fire crowd would be very confused, Mewtwo would probably understand it completely!
Per Alpha Reader
Hi guys! Silval58, alpha reader here, I post a journal concerning fan-art for Sulfur while they're taking a much needed break! Check it out and join in if you'd like!
End of Book 6
Comment removed.

This will be the last time I speak out in an official capacity because I have had enough.

Stop fighting about shipping. Any more of this and I'll remove the ability to comment. I manually added the functionality for you on SmackJeeves as an extra perk in the first place and I can take it away again very easily.
Audino was originally chosen because it was bipedal, non-evolving and of a sensible height for the artwork :) I remember Night and I going through the whole pokedex (as it existed back then) and rejecting this and that, "no we can't use Mawile it's only two feet tall, that's gonna look ridiculous standing next to Gengar"

EDIT: My favorite mons of each gen are Electrode, Wobbuffet, Luvdisc, Wormadam, Stunfisk, Klefki and Pyukumuku respectively, so if I picked the cast from personal preference we'd have a much stranger comic...
Nerfed? As far as I'm aware, the closest thing to nerfing Gengar's ever undergone would be swapping Levitate for Cursed Body (thanks a lot for that, guys, now that whole VF plot thread makes no sense). The ability change happened in gen7, Sun/Moon. Other than that, Gengar's been a consistently top-tier mon all the way from gen1.
Gengar's base speed is 110 and Mewtwo's base speed is 130, so given exactly the same setup, nature and IV/Evs, Mewtwo does win the speed contest. Not sure about timid G versus modest M2, a nature difference might be what's allowing your G's to outspeed so often. Do people ever run timid M2, I wonder..?

(sorry... always magnetically attracted to stat-related material in comments, eheheh)

One of my favorite Mewtwo-related comments was during the Buried Relic run when someone on DA said "...he doesn't seem like an insanely overpowered character. He is, I mean just look at this page of course he is, but it never feels like that when it counts..."

It's a challenge taking someone as innately powerful as Mewtwo and making him interesting, so I'm always pleased to hear that people think I've been managing it.
My team was Psyduck + Cyndaquil. I still say Psyduck is the best PMD starter that was, is or ever will be.

Escort mission in a sandstorming level? Oh look I have Cloud Nine.
Golem wants to explode in Magma Cavern? Oh look I have Damp.
And then link up disable/screech/fury swipes and enjoy killing every boss within three turns.

(everyone keeps asking for this... oh man imagine the reaction if I introduced the world-famous PMD1 Protag team leader and he's a psyduck...)
No, Mewtwo is a special kind of hell to draw. Though I'm having to alter Alakazam's design a bit to make him look less, uh, someone on DA said "...He looks more of a veteran explorer, more than a grumpy hunchback old man."

I'm only FINALLY starting to get a handle on Mewtwo NOW, and I internally cringe whenever I have to go back to any pre-Buried-Relic pages with M2 content.
As usual, game data and dex entries are VF's primary info source. Mewtwo indeed does not learn Teleport, unless you look waaaay back to gen1 where it was a TM. Since he's never once picked it up since, despite move tutors and events, we can assume it's not a thing for him.

EDIT: He also learns Dive but not Surf. HEADCANON: Mewtwo can't swim because he has terrible buoyancy :B
See wifijoe's comment above. Remarkable that someone recognized what Gengar was trying to do from the half a description he gave before getting confused...
I generally try to be hands-off and let people come to their own conclusions but I think I'd better chime in on this one: Dust's correct. VF's primary source for Pokemon behavior is their dex entries and the games in general, and as far as I know there is no canon evidence for Darkrai being a somniovore. Furthermore Dream Eater is not even his signature move--that's Dark Void.
dust -

Aw! I remember "darkraigirl" :D Boy, it has been a long time hasn't it? This is going to be VF's fifth year... ouch!

Glad you've enjoyed it (again?), and thanks for the kind comments.
@ Vikushu - agreed.

I have removed some comments to prevent certain arguments from starting up. If those affected would like to repost their comments without the political material, they will be very welcome to do so.
Early update for you because I have to travel tomorrow. Aren't you lucky!

Friday's update should be at the normal time.
In PMD Time/Darkness/Sky Darkrai accomplishes the following:

Pull strings and arrange matters behind the scenes to drive Dialga insane, as a result freeze the planet outside of time causing it to be paralyzed in an eternal dead darkness with no sun, sky or life, cause you the Player to be turned into a Pokemon and have your memory erased when you were sent back in time to undo his work, and when foiled in that respect pull strings and arrange matters behind the scenes to make you the Player think you were the reason it all happened and that it'll happen again unless you commit suicide to remove yourself from the time stream.

...So nothing too heinous, I guess?
@MercenaryX - My own Darkrai literally is timid nature, which I guess might be something to do with D's characterization in VF :)
More amused than displeased :) People shouldn't take any incoherent rants on my part seriously.

But yeah, contrary to popular belief Darkrai's a pure dark type, which I always thought was self-explanatory since he's the "Pitch Black Pokemon"!
Zoroark's not a legendary of any kind (and its stats aren't even that good tbh), it just had an unusual limited initial method of acquisition, somewhat like Rotom (only one, special encounter with legendary music, DPP) and Eevee (only one, gift RBY) in prior gens. Like them, it's also catchable in the wild nowadays.