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Magic Sheep
Love the addition of colour it really makes the comic pop! * u *

Really love how it's drawn. I'm interested! Can't wait to see where it goes.
Like before, full double page spread is here, because it just loses effect or something.. >_> -->
So it looks like a unicorn threw up on this comic page, I tried to tinker with the colours to make them less clashy but I guess I'll have to experiment some more down the line until I get it right! XD

ANYWAY! Full double page spread is here, because it just loses effect in two parts. -->
Second part of zee double page spread.
Not sure how obvious my characters are would interesting to know if people can guess correctly. xD

Here's a link to the full double page so you don't need to just imagine how it'd look c:
Yes, I am a double page spread fiend. Sorry if this ruins the comic reading experience.

Here's a link to the full double page so you don't need to just imagine how it'd look c:
Love how your arts developed over time.
Syrenes design is really cute. Excited to see where this goes! ^_^
And so it begins..
This is the first time I've attempted a comic, I hope it will flow well enough for people to understand and enjoy!

Due to working full time with extra odd jobs on the side I'll probably be updating this comic casually when I have the time. (For now I have some pages stocked up so it'll at least be weekly. ^^)
Awesome <3
Hey, I bought your comic at bristol comic con, ( I was the one dressed as Marceline on sat :3 ) just thought I'd drop a comment to say how much I enjoyed reading the comic and how much I adore your art style! <3

Your characters are v quirky and individual, I really love your way of drawing expressions, super expressive. Also your colour pallette is really yummy, your characters really jump off the page, something I can't seem to do v well at all so I really envy your skills x3

Noticed you have a lot more stuff on here so I'm glad to have found your comic, and look forward to reading more stuffs. ^_^
Awwwh yay, I cannae wait! :D <3
Oh whoa. Seriously...whoa. Oh Blakey...he'll regret this is times to come. Wonderful way to end the chapter, great to have a cliffhanger! I can't wait to read more Sarah you're doing such a wonderful job. * ^ *
Awww. I particularly really like this page, the top panel is really lovely the way shes positioned is really nicely drawn.<3 also the last panel is really cute XD what a sweet smile!! D'aw!!
( Awh. I love Train. This song in particular is lovely. <3 )

I've been meaning to read this for a while. Your opening is fab so far, love how you draw your figures, the limbs are beautifully drawn. Also really enjoy the use of music/lyrics within pages kinda get that song going off in my head whilst reading...probable intention? Love it.

I guess it's too early for me to say which characters I have an attachment to personality wise but I particularly
like Jase' and Laurens designs. :D As I've said before, your ink work is bloody beaaaaautiful * ^ * A lot of envy right here! xD
Yay up to date. <3 I love how you have such a diverse amount of characters in your comic. Sasha is just much love. <3 XD I love grumpy git characters like him, he seems like a softy at heart though possibly? Daw. Also Really warmed to Janey a lot she's seems like a sister to Ruthie I'm really enjoying how they're bonding. <3 Usually with this kind of comic I'd be rooting for a pairing of some sort but as it is I'm just happy to read and see where the comic takes me! Which is brilliant because it means your comic really isn't very predictable at all, I never know whats going to happen next. <3 So much love for this comic, and sorry I took so long to get round to reading it I feel like I've been missing out on an epic journey and cheated my way to the end! Although it's not the end which is fab, more comic pages of epic development. <3 So much excitement. Well done Sarahhhhh...!
D'aaaaww. <3 So cute. * u *
Haaaa XD I love you Blake. Brilliant.
He does have glasses. <3 You tell him. <3 <3
Amazing. This comic is so exciting to read, I love the pace of it, you're so so so good at dialogue and you create such brilliant characters. How do you do these things?! :D
This looks so cute btw. <3 Lovely moment captured. <3 <3 <3
Oh BlakeFail. I feel terrible because I know I can be exactly like this myself. ~_~; Guh your characters are so realistic I can identify with them in different ways. <3 Awesome.
Ah so the infamous Janey appears! I do love her design, her jacket is super cute <3 <3 <3