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Hello, I'm Maiden-Mae. I enjoy webcomics, especially those in the LGBT, fanmade/doujinshi and crime genre. I'm not into doing art, I prefer doing the script/panel editing. I may one day attempt to make a comic by myself. Just maybe...

Meanwhile, I have decided I've fallen in love with everyone's comics on here and have been reading not stop since discovering this site.
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March 26th, 2012
YEEEESSSS! The totally cool dude saves the day. Awe, I like your characters so far. :)
BWAHAHAHA! I loved the first impression.
Haha, I love that "Ways of a True Jedi", pretty sure he's got like an R2-D2 manual in that pile he was carrying. Lolz.
Gah, I want more now. That was so good! Emotional twister. :D
Wahhhh! Dying of the ultra cuteness of such a couple right now.
Ack! I can't wait for more to come along in the story. I like "beauty and geek" stories. They need a genre of their own.
February 28th, 2012
Twisted SOB... wow... :(
-facepalm- troll face at the end of a good scene... wow... I likes it anyhow!
February 26th, 2012
Holy crackers! I thought the father had OCD and went rampaged and you'd find someone of authority handling this... but that's mad. No help yet. -jaw drops-
February 25th, 2012
This is like the real deal! I've been waiting for a comic that play's well with the audience's emotions like this. I feel real bad for his mom right now.
Haha, geeze, the little gray dude's self-portrait reminds me of one of those guys from Mars Attacks! :D
Zomg, I love spoofy stuff like this. I'd so see this in the newspaper print as a political image if it could be related somehow. Haha, but that does answer the missing laundry question. If it' not buried in the dirt or garbage it's gotta be up on the moon.
Haha, I love the format. It's also really cute and the "...Sometime." lol... so much procrastination going on so far in the story. I do that too. Eh, hehehe...