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Amateur comic enthusiast, bad at spelling, really likes birds, sharks, dinos/dragons/general reptiles.... man animals are just cool ok.

I'm inspired by dark themes, science/nature, sci fi and supernatural elements, and film noir aesthetics. Oh an anime I guess idk anymore. I write a lot of dark things related to life/social issues cause that's what's impacted my whole life.

Professionally I am an animator and storyboard artist who's been part of several small industry gigs of which are all NDA 8')

I'm most active on twitter
Uploading the redo pages for this chapter since I had the opening half finished!!
For now the chapter will have to be mostly read in it's sketch phase but I hated to just leave such a badly done chapter still up so I can get back to telling people to read my damn comic LOL

Also Haku's skin tone is off and on cause yes I'm still going back and adding that in 8')
Karasu you fool, that puddle was much deeper than you thought.
This took the life out of me while knee deep in work and loss of motivation back in april but the zine sales are over so now we can show these off!!

I enjoy drawing these large group shots and putting them in wacky situations xD
Slight edits here
Going to be redoing the last few pages of this chapter, visually and script wise. Just condensing things and amping up the literal bad vibes for a better flow into things to come 8')

The original idea for this wasn't getting across too well it seems.
Oh hey, if you didn't notice, I'm going back and fixing Haku's skin tone... well more like actually giving him one.
Originally I didn't plan to be so greyscale heavy and tried to keep tones limited, heck that now a days clearly LOL
I'm doing this working backwards so it's not jarring to edit things and suddenly see he's white.
From 2015 this is a more graphic design in mind earth day pic! Wanted to play with how cartoony Tsuchi acts. I love her I wish she didn't take a million years to show up in the comic :/
I think this was from 2016?
This was more of an idea for when Tsuchi was a more pleasant goddess... she changes outfits overtime because she's a batch bitch who likes to look nice. No really.

She has a tree throne she sits on in her god domain, I just think it's a funny detail xD
A hypothetical fight :eyes emoji:

This was 2017's earth day pic! I thought it would be fun to draw out what probably everyone is waiting for haha.

Karasu what are you gonna do, boop her on the nose?
Earth day art
Figured to use this break time to add in some stuff a long side while I edit so when I start back up I don't have to edit anything for a long time.

Every year I try to do a big piece with Tsuchi for earth day because it amuses me my big bad is the goddess of earth. This is back from 2014! WHEW I was a mad man painting this, those leaves man...
Let me just like, add in some art for the comic since I'm on break.

... and hey it will give that ~ manga ~ aesthetic more to the comic like I want LOL
Adding this art to the comic and I plan to add more extra art to older parts!

Since I'm on hiatus and fixing/adding things just going to be doing this off and on for a while, sorry if this is annoying in your notifs! 8')

You can see a better version of this image on my twitter
Just updating some extra things shhh don't mind me
February 15th, 2019
@haganekitsune: honestly yeah LOL
I'd like to imagine she's the kid that sits and watches everyone and get's told secrets... one day she's gonna probably use that against some dumb adults LOL
You get a revamp, and YOU get a revamp!
This is the next chapter on the list to be touched up and revised a bit. I don't like a lot of dialogue, I couldn't draw Kendo very well back then :x
From page 2 until the end of this chapter everything will be redrawn aaaaaa but please do take this chapter with a grain of salt, I was too far into dumb anime aesthetics back then and didn't write Kendo very well here. Sheesh talk about bad first impressions...
February 14th, 2019
That's some ugly handwriting you got there Elizabeth...

OKAY WHEW this chapter is over, I'm taking a break!! Don't know when I'll be back but hey this is one heck of a good place to stop 8')
February 4th, 2019
You guys can have your shipping moment when you clean up that mess and give Chobi a hug ;-;
Moving slow
Theres only aroubd 10 pages left to this chapter plus and extra doodle, just moving a bit slow! Honestly I can't try to attempt to give an expected date or idea of a schedule, things are just meh right now. Also I don't really have internet right now, hello from my phone.
Rev up that ch redo
Whew!! Edits to this chapter are done! Ended up redrawing a few pages and added a page even x'D
December 30th, 2018
Internet is being buggy and Im having to uoload these in a very roundabout way so new oages will take a bit longer to be posted oops...

Anyway the comic turns 5 today, WOW!!
December 11th, 2018
It's a bit after Kisame's birthday in this chapter, that means he's only been with the cast for a month.

Time flies when you're fighting monsters constantly LOL