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XD omg god- poor Kou lol
Chura's closing in and.... FAILED! awwwh, Chura would make an awesome seme though I love his ukeness!!! he is so adorable! don't cry chura!! manny, go make 'em stop crying!!
..........oh, that is epic! I love this so much chura!!! and look I got the first other then you!! this requires fan girl squeel! SQUEEEEEEEEEE ZoMg!!!
I used a mixture of prisimacolor and cheep walmart markers^^

I'm sorry about the hot chocolate!!!! O.o'
Happy effing berfday chura!!
Fear my sucky coloring skills. I'm sorry bout this folks. there is an october fest kinda thing going down in my town so I'm not getting much sleep let alone I haven't been home for more then 3 minutes at a time.... I wish I could have drawn a birthday picture but I'm about to crash + I'm kinda grounded from the puter, I'm being sneeky at the moment and hurrying as fast as I can to cheack all the suffies! I <3 you chura!!! hope you have a wonderful berfday!! I'll try and draw you some more stuffies for tomarrow!*waves* See ya' all later!
!!you're only making it worse!! that's amazing!!! I love you Churamai!!!
le gasp! seriously!!! I feel loved o30
Look it it's Churmai's iPod!!! I absolutly love the way you color!!! And his shirt is of win-an'-god!
<3 Ish loved
*glomps* I love the pose and the face and the hat!!! can't wait for Kou's!
Zomg! this is loverly! I love the texture and just your style ing general!! Mucho smexy pose btw X3
I had forgotent to put this on my joining page! Yes, Manny has a split personality type thing going on(though he is mostly the sweet innocent type) he can become his polar opposite^^'


oh and this is my first tablet art! chura let me barrow her's^^*hugs* and she's the one that helped me deside Manny's persona 0o'
I hate me but I love my eyes and my camera craped up my picture so I played with the contrast a bit to inhance the funn! Every one's making one of these funn things and are all so prettyfull so I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon!!
Thank you all kindly^^ I feel welcomed^^
I'm a new member of yya and I'm estatic about it!!

Hope you all enjoy^^
le gasp!! Churamai!!! Teeda!!*glomps* lookies at the fun!!!
I'm not 100% sure who I have to send the comic to. It says that 4 current authors have to aprove but I'm not sure how it's going to get sent to all of you unless I do it one by one... I have the comic and every thing just I don't currently have my own web comic but i have a couple calab comics out there heh...