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i make games and comics about girls who like girls!
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i love this page. this is my favorite page.
@Nutnut_kunisaki : thanks! you're welcome to translate it, all i ask is to have a link back to this site somewhere so people can find the original comics :)
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: have you sent one to them first
@Guest: yeah i'd like to do it again sometime!
@Bandit steve: i thought it added to the comedy of it hehe
@rainy_silence: nah no worries, i can see how the confusion started! thyme isn't so much worried about it as she's just like, "oh god kid me was squinty and had a big forehead, i wonder if i'd look the same if i tried" as a kind of lighthearted joke.
@rainy_silence: yeah, thyme is referring to herself in the last panel (in case that was also unclear)
@rainy_silence: thyme is on the left, spice is on the right. maybe it was confusing because thyme's hair used to be light so i didn't fill it in...
@rainy_silence: spice is a trans girl, yeah! i'm glad a lot of people have been happy about this reveal hehe
@rainy_silence: malt was introduced in this comic:
@TehKittyKate: they're all right here: enjoy!
hi everyone!
this month i wanted to draw comic strips based on some questions or prompts from fans, so i'm holding a little event!

*this is mostly for fun so i'll be choosing things that i think will make a good comic, or if it's just something i really want to draw--i won't be able to respond to everything, sorry!
*limit 2 submissions per person. this is just so my list doesn't get out of control.
*please limit your questions/prompts to characters who are actually in the webcomic--you can doublecheck the cast page to see a list of who this includes!
*this is an all-ages comic, so i will not take nsfw questions/prompts
*i'll be including your display name in the comic (twitter handles or whatever desired nicknames are fine too)--but if you don't wish to be credited, let me know and i'll just write "anonymous" instead :)
*submissions close dec 31st, and i'll be drawing/posting the comics (once a day at most) throughout this month, and probably for a bit into the new year.

so if you're interested in participating, just go ahead and leave a comment on this page, or @ me on twitter!

looking forward to hearing from everyone! <3
@PepperFan113: a friend actually asked this on twitter, and my answer was pepper always burns things and salt has no sense of what tastes good
sorry for the long break!
i had this comic sitting around halfway done for half a year... 2018 has been really busy and stressful so i didn't have it in me to draw these on the side. but, things are evening out a bit in my life so i'm starting to get in the mood to draw fun little comics again. more coming soon!
@Draconaes: oh haha, both are possible now that i look at it, but the former was intended.
@databug: OH now i get what you meant haha. she's there as a doll! that's the best non-spoiler answer i can give.
@databug: the intention was that she's walking outside of the comic panels into a new world
@A: these comics don't follow the canon very strictly, so they're not really based on any particular ending!