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i make games and comics about girls who like girls!
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@Draconaes: oh haha, both are possible now that i look at it, but the former was intended.
@databug: OH now i get what you meant haha. she's there as a doll! that's the best non-spoiler answer i can give.
@databug: the intention was that she's walking outside of the comic panels into a new world
@A: these comics don't follow the canon very strictly, so they're not really based on any particular ending!
@Guest: yeah it will absolutely be canon
@Ghaaaally!: that's so sweet, thank you!! get well soon :)
@Ragnes: yes hahaha gumdrop has a lot of basic functionality
@Salt: they'll be around whenever i can work them in haha. i'm working on new stuff, i've just been busy with my job lately so it's taking a while. thank you for your patience!
@Daiku: sure, i made a tutorial recently: efore-mostly
if you have other questions please send them to that blog instead! i'd like to keep the comments here related to this comic haha
@8natebiit: treat lol
@Thatkidrick: malt is a cat! i hope i can make a game with her soon.
you can find the artist for this strip on twitter @DarkChibiShadow!
you can find the artist for this strip on twitter @MakaiWars!
you can find the artist for this strip on twitter @FahBraccini!
his face in the third panel is so perfect im dying
zegg'll fuckin take on ANYONE
GOD I LOVE FIRST PANEL ZEGGY SO MUCH and scared alkaline is real good to, good page, applauds u
i was just looking back on this page and noticed i really love the sense of space in this chapter HAHA SPACE no but it's just, OOH, BIG SPOOKY ALIEN PLANET, your panels are doin a lot to zoom out and show things it's good ok
@discord_inc: sorry for the late response! you can find them here:
@Dreadogatus: i want to try to make it as something you could read in your web browser like how floraverse does certain updates, but i might just have to make them downloadable like the rest of my VNs. once the next chapter is finished there'll be a post here either way!