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Black Collar
I like to draw stuff, and I can't see color. What else do you need to know? :)
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Aww, thanks! Yeah, school's been rough on me. Might have to switch to finished inks to keep a consistent update schedule. Thanks for sticking around!
I've gotta say, I have always really appreciated that you are willing to take the time to add in backgrounds. So many web comic artists just don't and it really makes a huge difference. Anyhow, I remember this from the old comic. I can't believe we are almost to where you rebooted it! Congratulations on making it so far! Super excited to see what happens next. Just don't reboot the comic again! You killed me when you decided to start a remake at the most climactic part! (though I gotta say, I like how you have changed our lovable Rider's character)
I am not dead! I have begun making this comic again! Yay!
Yeeeeeeeeees! So happy! :D
Oh wow. You are going to burn yourself out so fast buddy! Oh, oh, I wanna make some fan art for CW~~ Do you have anywhere we can show you some fan art? :) Good luck on death by art (cough) I mean, your last month~
End of chapter people. I'm off to train with a guide dog so This comic will be on temporary hiatus. I'll see you next chapter.
As of this exact moment, he thinks he is in his own timeline, in normal time. He thinks Robin is just the next kid Batman has chosen as a sidekick despite his death. However, we, the audience, know that Jason is in the Young Justice universe. Good questions, it's just about to be addressed.
@Wolf DragonGirl: Sorry about that. It should be all fixed up now but please let me know if it starts acting up again.
@Hyper Shadow: Oh you just wait. Things are going to start getting crazy in a few chapters.
Why the heck is he now so darn ADORABLE! My brain is all turned around.
@Hyper Shadow: Sorry! I fixed it. I'll also upload two pages tomorrow as a (I'm sorry I've been away) sort of compensation. ;)
@Nitrogen: Aww. Thank you! I'll try. :3
Loving the pages! And the story too! I am so looking forward to seeing where you take this. And I totally know that feel. My finals are done, but I blazed through a months worth of buffer in the run up-to them! Good luck, you'll be done in no time!
Late Pages!
I'm sorry for the delay in the pages guys! It was schools fault! But I give them all to you now as a gift of reconciliation.
To Answer Your question,
@Webs: Thank you very much! They do show up later on in the comic. Wally will be making an appearance very soon though, and he will become a main character.
Hey, just to come out of the shadows and say something, I'm really enjoying these new pages. I was super sad when you stopped the pages where they were because the story was getting soooo interesting. But I'm loving the new stuff.
@jsRPG03: I did not. Though she does Beta this comic and makes frequent suggestions on improving the writing, as it can be tricky to adapt from strictly text to a comic format.
@jsRPG03: You can't help but love them.
@jsRPG03: That's great that you're liking it so far! And sadly, no, this comic was written before Arkham Knight. That would be flipping awesome though.
@Jay Alan (JAS): Well THAT'S an extremely nice thing to say! Thank you.