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You can call me Dott.

If you couldn't tell by my favorites; I'm quite the fan of yaoi, as well as yuri.

-- -- --
Since I'm not creative or talented enough to make a decent webcomic of my own, I'm here on SmackJeeves purely as a reader. :3
January 15th, 2016
I'd love to see a nsfw comic of Tommy and Eila. Too bad I can't afford to do anything patreon related right now. :c
@Alice Fox: Oh, I'm pretty dang serious. :D
So I've decided that I want a tattoo of King Stealy. Posed kinda like the last panel on day 3, page 23.

Except I want it to show his full body. Have him Wearing the ring and his other fancy accessories. I feel I need it in my life. <3
August 20th, 2015
Oh, Draco.
Soooo...Draco's "I'm feeling very attacked" comment immediately brought a drag queen named Laganja Estranja to mind. -- If you're confused and/or curious just google "Laganja Estranja I feel very attacked", that'll clear things ups in a jiffy.
I realize that Tommy is in pain in that last panel, but the first thing I thought when I saw it was...that his hair looks so flow-y and majestic. Does that make me a bad person?
oh my goodness, I love that dog so much haha.
Oh My Goodness..
Words...can not express how much I adore this new character. She is gorgeous. <3
Woooah~ I really like how the water was colored. It's stunning.

Also, dat lesbian couple. <3 :'3
March 10th, 2014
Aww, poor Miyuri. :C

Psst. On another note, thanks for clearing up the mystery of Miyuri's eye. o:
December 19th, 2013
That sad feeling when you go for the next button, only to find that it's not there...can not wait to see more. ;u;
D'awww. Jake, you're so awesome. :'3
Karol's old flame? How exciting, it's rather refreshing to see Karol have her own slice of beef cake~
Moe is a bounty of relationship wisdom. Not to mention such a little cutie~
I'm gonna have to buy some of that White Cream.
@Quadrant: This comment needs a "love" button. .w. <3
Oh, Jude. You're wonderful. lol.
I didn't have any problems with the traditional way, but I must say this way is lovely. If you're up for you, I say maybe give this way a go for abit! :'D
Things just hit a whole new level of serious, deadly serious. Shuno is ready to take down anyone and everyone to get home to Kaito. Even you, Mister Squidward.
Oh gosh...if I were in their position I would be scarred for the rest of my life.
Poor Shuno wanted to save those people..he really is a good person. D:
July 15th, 2013
@phoenixgem: Oh gosh, really glad I am not the only one who did that. x'D