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Wtf leave.

SKYPE: alexini630

why hello

i dont know what fandom i am even in anymore tbh.
also, can the professors in pokemon stop asking me on what my gender is?
im suing all the pokemon professors in game

im non-binary
im colorblind

i also like to draw alot.
and i draw stuff.
sans and probs some of my ocs idk.
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wow the new machoke design looks great
kirby what are you doing,,
anibal is such a cinnamon roll omg
how will carbon rate the apple from 0-10??
i did not know that the announcer guy was snow white wow

a disney princess as an announcer wow
the 17th gigi is not gigi

i repeat the 17th gigi is not gigi
very scurry
happy hallwin
lion cube squad!!
whos with me?
gigi is thirsty
did burey just voted "guilty"??
im so


go gary
I'm rooting for the bird
blame xiaolin 2k16
Marx threw Marx Jr. at Simis??

oh my god


gigi check skype ! i sent you something.
What a turn of events.
Her eyes are so illuminati
Well, Tim, time to move in to Mallow Castle so you can be best of friends with Panee.
Daisy is the seeker, Grace is the hider.
They're playing hide n' seek.