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SKYPE: alexini630
Discord: Seriph#0979


im VERY active on twitter, twitter is my home since 2014 lmao
im stan twitter btw and i retweet A LOT
and shitpost a lot
i tweet my art sometimes, and memes, and whatever is currently happening in my life
im also v different from there than what you guys might think of me here


fandoms: pokemon, a bit of youtubers, uh steven universe i guess but i rarely draw anything from the show, bnha, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon for the past 14 years of my existence

also, can the professors in pokemon stop asking me on what my gender is?
im suing all the pokemon professors in game

im non-binary
im colorblind

i also like to draw alot.
and i draw stuff.

i should post my art here, i mean its not good but at least im showing my art lmao
instagram ppl gives no shits abt my posts lmaoo
maybe smackjeeves would idk


can yall agree with me that mudkip is the best starter??
bc it is
all arguments are invalid
((i kno oshawott is my avatar, its the first pokemon screenshot that i saw in my saved photos))

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stabbing is fun
I mean, I'll be able to update ALMOST everyday until the end of August, and only digital artworks will be uploaded here. Other than that traditional drawings of mine does not count, hence the title “(alex's) digital sketchbook”! :D
another one from 20 x kirby aye

again, for gigi and she's the one who suggested zan

time taken: 25 mins

also zan is a cinnamon roll DO NOT hurt him or i will fight

(btw this is transparent)
i already sent this to gigi


this is actually a redraw and the design was VERY far from the first one.
the first one was from 2012/2013 and her hair was long, she was wearing a skirt, and high cut sneakers. gigi said (back then) that she imagined that grace would have shorter hair than what i drew before (and so i redrew it and made some modifications) i am happy with the outcome


time taken: 1 hour and 30-40 minutes

grace (character) from 20xkirby - by @Gigi19972012
drawing by me, 2018

read her comic, you probs already do:
all arguments are invalid, the only starter that you all ever need is here!

a water starter that would soon be a hall of fame champion companion

hoenn is the best, anyone that says any other region is WRONG


time taken to draw this cutie: 10 minutes
i literally just drew this to actually post something on this "digital sketchbook"

p.s. i might shitpost sometimes

p.s.s. i swear a LOT oops
wow the new machoke design looks great
kirby what are you doing,,
anibal is such a cinnamon roll omg
how will carbon rate the apple from 0-10??
i did not know that the announcer guy was snow white wow

a disney princess as an announcer wow
the 17th gigi is not gigi

i repeat the 17th gigi is not gigi
very scurry
happy hallwin
lion cube squad!!
whos with me?
gigi is thirsty
did burey just voted "guilty"??
im so


go gary
I'm rooting for the bird