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I live in an awesome country, Uruguay (F**K YEA).
I have an awesome family that support me in my dream to be an actor or an artist, both occupations that I love.
I play rugby in an awesome team with awesome friends, and mostly live an awesome life.
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    Franco Zucchi
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I'm back!
I just can't believe I brought myself to continue the nuzlocke. I feel like a million soft cotton kitties using beanies and floating with ballons on their back gave me their approval.

So, I know it's short, but strip is more for me than for the comic itself, kinda like a pick me up. I've had some rough emotional stuf that I had to go to since last time I updated, but I'm so freaking happy right now I don't give a shit about anthing anymore.

About stallone, poor fella I really started to like him, but damn he was hard to train. Well, in any case I hope I start drawing the next strip, I have a ton of things I want to put in the comic!
Kahn Motherfucking Miles
Would be such a good meme.
Ommagod I made it to more than 3 pages O.o
Chapter 2 is startin!

This page took me longer than it should have, it's just that with school starting last monday and other personal stuff, it's been a real mess :S

Anyways, here's my first attempt to:

A background (always good)
SLIGHT character develpoment (REALLY slim actually)
A sort-of-title-ish-page

That's it I guess ^^. Oh, and I hate Rattatas SO DAMN MUCH
New style!
First page of comic I've coloured in my entire life, took me like 12 hours :/

I'm really pleased with the result though, sugimoris style seems to suit my drawing style (though I gotta work on Fozi's palette).
I hope it shows, I actually took time to sketch this one, it should be much tidier, also, ignore the cheesy photoshop backgrounds. Actually, don't, tell me your opinion about them.

Well I got all introduction comics done, so I should be able to have some fun with creating my pokemon's personalities, Which I had been looking forward too.

Enjoy the comic!

Oh, yea, not all comics are gonna be coloured with such detail. just important battles and stuff like that ^^
Getting used
God this second one was much more fun to do!
I had a bit of a cunfusion with page sizes and such so the art may seem a bit off.
Hope you like it!
Tipping the snowball...
Sooo, first page of comic I've ever published on the webz. Hopefully it's gonna be awesome.
I know i'm not gonna get much feedback on the first comic, but I'll have you know that I've never tried with such a crude style before, I just figured i'd start small so as to gain hype in this myself and then commit to a fully planned, honest to good artwork. Until then, I hope you enjoy the comic.