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Okay dokes, well I like Nintendo things. I also draw, animate, sing, act, and talk a bunch :D
@NUZLOCKER: I've been busy on another project, but I'll get back to this as soon as it's done (hopefully some time soon)
Please read this if you haven't already:
Please read this if you haven't already:
Man, it feels good doing a one pager update again. I really missed drawing this comic guys.

Special guest appearance by Zephyr-Azure! This page is also immediately after this page in her comic:
Make sure you read that (as well as the rest of her comic) for a bit more context.

Also, small cameos from Degree ( and ccucco ( Go read their comics as well because they are equally as wonderful!
**I realized I never updated the comic on this website, even though I drew this two weeks ago. Sorry guys!

Okay, well I figured since Smash Bros 3DS comes out in TWO DAYS (squeeeeeeeee), that I should finally get this thing out of the way before my soul becomes forever trapped inside a game the size of an SD card (well, at least until the Wii U version comes out).

When I drew my reference page for Plum (which I'll reveal to you guys later; cuz spolierz), I always had the bow in mind, but thought there should be a reason as to why she gets it. Having a bow in the wild would be a tad too silly. Fortunately, the Dept. Store was so close to where I caught her, which made my life really easy.

And yes, Maple calms her shit down after leaving the store.
Ted, you had one job. Now you're here being tied up instead of helping out at the parade.

One job, Ted. One job.
For those of you that are skeptical of the catch:

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

<small><small>Great, now I have to find something else to procrastinate my finals studying with...</small></small>
<s>Un-creative punchline</s>
Since the next episode is taking a little bit longer than expected, here's an extra page fer y'all!

Also, I <s>blatantly ripped off</s> was inspired by SilverVandis's design of the geishas, since I love it so much.

<small>Go read her nuzlocke if you haven't already. eets preetty gud.</small>
Ew no. Get outta here with your feels. Hummus. No. Stop.

Important news! The next page will take me (hopefully) a little bit longer to make, but I think it should be worth it. Let's estimate 2-3 weeks?

Now I know you're giving me that face. So to compromise for the wait, I'll make a bonus page (I wanted to try to fit it in this page as a punch line, but obviously it didn't. You'll see what I mean when it comes out) for y'all.
@Ginger: The 4th Wall died in a terrible marching band accident.
I said I had to make 50- Pages, BUT I NEVER SAID I COULDN'T SPLIT THEM UP INTO DIFFERENT PARTS. #loopholes #octothorpe

Anyway, Part 2 should be up by tomorrow since I'm just finishing up the backgrounds.
@Pokemontrainergigi: Wait.

They MAKE Girl Scout Cookie ice cream?! Oh my god why haven't I known about this before?
Thanks-A-Lots are the bomb diggity. Just sayin'.

<small><small>Also Pidgeotto sweeps are the bomb diggity.</small></small>
YES! Haun's (temporarily) back!
@Salamence97: Whoops I didn't see the reply, my bad. In which case, yeah those things are shit.
@Salamence97: Actually, Slowbro/Slowking is actually quite useful because of their massive bulk and decent Sp. Attack.
@Guest: Heh, funny how completely unintentional that was. Those were supposed to be just buttons on the coat, but I do see the face, now that you mention it.
Things start to get "super serious".

Also I don't think I've ever had this much fun drawing a scientist.
@NonBackgrounder: Oh god no, I use a drawing tablet to make this. I'm not trying to kill myself attempting a mouse.

Although, I do use Flash to make this comic.