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I do many things:

Professional dancer
Massage therapist
Costume designer
Graphic Designer

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    Geneva Rosett-hafter
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@JGirl50: THanks!
@ArtistXXY: Thanks! It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to make this comic. I finally decided to be more...arty than comics usually are. It gives me the freedom to do whatever I want! MUahahah! =D
@NitztheBloody: Read the previous chapters and you will understand. =)
@NitztheBloody: Thanks. =) Things have been busy. =) At least one comic is updating regularly. =) This one I'm trying hard to come back to. =)

If you want more reading go to =D
Thank you to Chris Wacker for this awesome fanart!

He does a comic called Tekka. It's very intriguing and deserves to be checked out!
Matt is awesome. I met him at the comics festival in Helsinki. Go check out his stuff:
Merry Christmas Space Invaders!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! This picture minus the text is available as a wallpaper under the Art + Words + More heading at the top of the page.

Get into some mischief!
@HABE: If you look carefully, there's a similar page in Book 1. =) But yes, uniformed robot like minions tend to be creepy. One of the reasons why I can't work in a cubicle...
@NitztheBloody: Getting any limb changed into a robot limb, is never pretty. =/
@vaslittlecrow: Mark appreciates the sentiment. =D
@vaslittlecrow: The paper does it all on it's own. =) Like it just couldn't help itself.
Getting Drunk
@Nightfall: Book Two is currently in Production. =) Alex followed my advice: he got drunk and just wrote the darn thing. (He was having trouble with inspiration. XD)
Friends of The Prophet's Garden
A huge thank you to Neil Kapit for this guest art! Go check out his comic The Ruby Nation!
They come in small packages.
Finally...some answers!
Yes I am slow. Have a page. I'm trying to get on top of these again. Muah.
And here we go! We begin. I hope you will enjoy the journey!
Eat my pretties!
Page 59 is coming. Really.