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I live in quiet neighborhood with a lot dogs, and a family that has no idea what I do for a hobbie. o3o Lets keep it that way, okay? (I had no idea what to put in here, sorry.)
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I just found this comic today and, my god, it's beautiful. The story is very interesting and I can't wait to read more!
Yaay~! Thank you so much for the updates, Angel! They've made my morning/afternoon! And don't feel pressured about updates, you'll get to them when you can, we know that! :D
D: Trith!! You poor baby!Chal, pay attention, dagnabbit! Very wonderfully done! I was so excited to see how this page turned out, and you never cease to impress.
Yes... Yes, he is in love with you. Now go run after him and give him a uber, overly dramatic, kiss on the lips that will make this whore happy. ;D
Nyaaaargh~! I need more~! :'3 Thank you so much for the update! I'm really loving the comic so far!
I love your updates~! I've read this story over so many times I can't even count, but every time I do I find it just as funny and sweet an sexy as the first time~!
Oh! And another thing... The hand in the second to last panel is beauuutifuuuuuul~! I am horrible at drawing hands and seeing someone who draws them as flawlessly as you helps influence me try again. :D Thank you, beautiful, beautiful, artist!
Happy beef-day and thank you very much for the update~!
Awwww snap!
This! Is! BEAUTIFUL!! Only in the best of fantasies could I ever make something as beautiful as this! I'm very intrigued as to what's going on, so I'll be sitting by waiting patiently for the next update! Thank you so much for your hard work!!
August 4th, 2012
Sweet jesus~
Just tell us what he used to pay~! D:<
Thanks for the update! ouo
July 28th, 2012
Just started reading this comic a little while ago and I've loved every single page! Fantastic job on the art and story line so far! I really want to know more about what's going on, so please continue!
Aw snap! I love this paaage~! Awesome job!
Thank the gods you're back!! TTuTT I was so heart broken to see that you hadn't updated in a while, but now that you have I feel so much better~! I love your work and hope you continue!
Love this comic and it makes my chest hurt to see them both like this! Make Nine give that poor doc. a hug~! My heart can't take much more! TTuTT
First? I love the chapter so far (as I have always loved each and every one!)~! I can't stop smiling~! Help guys! I think my face is going to break off!
Have a good time on your vacation and stay safe~! :D
I looooove~ this comic so much!!! It kind of inspires me to keep drawing inside of just giving up and envying artists like you for the rest of my life. XD
The look on Shuno's face just made me crack up, btw!! Awesome job~! ;3
I love this page~! So cute! Awesome job!