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Really random usually leads to....
He looks like a doll~ I'm excited.
You realize because of this, I will now have to read it all over again, and figure out which is playing Kaoru at what moments...right?
Oh Joonas. Teasing Teemu is too mean, especially since you know how bad he has it for you!
I read it all in one go...I'm pretty excited! Whatcha gonna do next, Teemu?
Yay! It's started! I'm pretty excited
I now have to read the whole thing over again
Oh chu....that's probably not what you wanted to wake up to...
Wah!! not the fingers! Haru's fingers are his money makers! I just hope that wasn't his tattooing hand...
Koto...stop being adorable and decapitating people all at the same time.
@renchikolul: I kinda understand you. I don't like her either, but even if she tried to help, there isn't much she could do, since she's so weak.
I feel bad about liking him. He just has this charm. I don't know. Maybe it's because, unlike most characters, his meanness doesn't let up too much.
Look at that guilty red face!! Looks like someone's been getting busyy
Koto...Hurting Chu is no good sir. I still like him though~ =3=
I must be twisted
Sad, but true, no?
And so begins Chu's mistreatment, and molestation
Jeez're breakin my heart
Woah! and so the truth is revealed!!
Awh. "I love you, but we can't be in love."? How heart breaking! He would admit it knowing he couldn't see Chu anymore.
Ah it makes sense, i thought the markings looked familiar