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What free time I have is devoted to forgetting how shitty life is. So I read and play games.

None of that matters because no one will see this, as I'm not good enough to write or illustrate.


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so I need to rob a bank...
because I suddenly really need $10,000.
hm. I'm going to need a getaway driver. Any takers?
@ErrePi: Haaaa School Nurse, that's hilariously perfect. Hellllooo Nurse~! lol

So excited~♥
Aw, Poor Karen. I'm pretty sure I know where this is going.

On the 4koma... He's going to fall for his teacher Richard-sensei, isn't he? >D> lololol

Gah. Book? BOOK?! I take a break to let these lovely comics bulk up so I can binge them and I miss a book announcement?! *Waaaaant* ♥
Congrats on finishing! I'm sure you did great! Enjoy your endless sleeeeeep.
It's interesting so far, but why did He bring his daughter to see the dying dragon? His attitude doesn't really fit his actions...
I also think his should be broader, to emphasize that he is a grown adult rather than a slim shouldered teen.
Don't try to lie Cloud, Zack knows all o^o ♥
I love eating chicken, so I made sure I knew what it was like to kill a chicken. (if you can't stand to watch something die, you've no business eating it. That's my motto)
You know what?
Killing chicken is a pain in the ass! Although, plucking them is even worse! Gaaaah. Hate plucking feathers. I'll debone them anyday, but plucking? No way! Never again!
July 15th, 2013
@Maiwenn: No problem, I am happy to help. If you want, when your beta is busy, I could help you with correcting.
Yay~! She's back to normal! I'm so happy~ ♥
June 25th, 2013
Is the Jig up already~? Interesting stuff happening here!

That said, there are some mistakes in your English on this page.

"He...Doesn't dye his hair in brown"

should just be

"He...Doesn't dye his hair brown?"

"His Hair... Aren't brown anymore..."
should be
"His hair...Isn't brown anymore..."

"He hides them...!" should be "He hides it..!"

Hair as in 'a head of hair' is generally treated as a singular. example: A head of hair. Blonde hair. He has nice hair. she has wavy hair. Go brush your hair. What messy hair you have.

Keep up the good work! ^_^
This is just so nice! These last few pages make me happy. And this page, finally getting to see Ian apologize? I'm faving it. haha.
I haven't read YCCM but if you are part of it, I'll be reading it now ^_^
Cory~ interesting.
(part of me is sad that there's no chance of DomCory twist, what with the no touch policy....)
Finally!! Yay! Well, that's the first step Ian, now, go say that to Tim. ok? ^_^
If Timothy had pigtails, Ian would be pulling them. hahaha ♥
January 19th, 2013
They aren't brothers. They're the same person from the future. omg. lol
January 19th, 2013
Brothers are two peas in a pod neh?
January 19th, 2013
Whoops! Sheesh I really thought Batsian was a girl all this time and that the other dude was just making a humorous assumption. My bad, sorry Bats.
I like the Star Trek doodle in the background.
"But isn't it always better to be happy than sad?"
My antidepressants say YES!
.....oh god. She's not just an android, she's a loli android.