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Just a lover of comics and hoping to make one myself. :)
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@redmarielle: are you going to Animefest? Sunday?? Ill totally be there!!If i can say hi thatd be awesome
@ImmortalChaos: They have but last time Gannet did all the work. Thats why he wanted to know if he knew how to put in on and why Bailey is being really careful I think.
Liz's Race
ive been wonderin why liz was never african american in chapter 2 but has been in the latest pages. Was is because of style change or did the race actually change because you preferred it? Sorry just has been confusing when I would read from the beginning to connect that they are the same character Jo is partners with.
Is he magic or did he not just have a tank top on? oAo
I have this ominous feeling that the dad is going to walk in as the are kissing or just before they do if they do.

But no negative vibes, MUST SEND POSITIVE VIBES!!! (>'u')> ~**~*~*~*
Happy!! Happy!!
September 10th, 2014
totally getting that vibe like feels are about to go everywhere and hisawa will be all over aki for the next few pages o.o
September 4th, 2014
Rereading!!! cx
Man the progress with your art from here to the latest page is amazing!! :'D
In over two over your style has changed a lot :o
Every single time I see this update I get so happy, but as soon as I finish reading the update I'm so confused.
I'm happy, but at the same time I am sad cause I want to more. >///~///<
This is so cute, I cant wait till the next update. >u<
I think someone needs a tissue xD
Awwwww! They look like a cute little family c:
too bad Kaidou...
i have had the sense that ever since Aki come out to Hisawa that Hisawa has had the slightest crush on him is waiting to attack.... is it just me or does this nipple noticing having everyone feeling the same??? ~(^u^)~
I dont know why but I gave all of these wonderful characters the voices of fullmetal alchemist o-o
Edward as Krow, Roy Mustang as Ashira, Alphonse as Roy, and Gwen as Rose.....
my gosh I had one of those "really" moments when he said it was emo....
I included that face palm too
But any who his mom needs to keep her hands his lovely locks of hair :p
Their little "back and forth" is so cute >u<
I just want o pet the on the head and tell them everything is fiiiiiinnnnneeee now stop being mean ya sillies :'P
Let me guess... DNA TEST!!!! xD

She said it is his kid, but you can't trust her word alone, ya need some gosh darn proof!

Or she must be his wife :'p

Edit: WOW! I was the first to comment for once o.0
Aww how cute >u<
You can see Dylan left his helmet... On purpose? Who knows....

But Leo will for sure have to message him and meet up to give it back ;)
I read this page and it tells me it updated again only to get my hopes up ;-;
That wig is magical @.@
wow I was surprised the his father approved of aki as a person unlike the mother ...... maybe if we put the two good traits they have together we can get them to approve of their relationship