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@Yoskichu : Good idea

Wait, Why am I here again?
@Yoskichu: @Yoskichu: Yes you were, but I already ate the cookie... :/
y u no call segment "Kirby: Ace Attorney"?

EDIT: Oh wait, I see now never mind. Silly sequel titles.
@Extremmefan: Nintendo games haven't really decreased in quality at all. I think you're just nit-picking because things look different and weirder. It's still just as good as it once was, just give it a chance I say.
I feel like this is an excuse not to think of text, you probably don't even know what they are saying to eachother, these are probably just meaningless poses to you.
@Spicyice101: I'm pretty sure they just let you out. That doesn't qualify as escaping.
I think I've been reading too much manga. I'm beginning to start reading right to left when I shouldn't. It's such a nuisance transferring between the two.
I always find my self liking all the characters in smash bros and just defaulting to usually 10 or 15. I get bored really easily.
@Extremmefan: Okay dude this is pretty complicated so listen up.
Steps to holding a spear.
1. Put it in your hand
2. Make sure the pointy end points up or at your enemy.
3. Good job you're holding a spear.
If you don't have hands use whatever it is you use to hold things.
@Ultimate Yoshi: My theory is that these cookies are all the possible future cookies, just like he is the possible future Author Doo. If this is true something really strange must have happened.
@44Cinder44: Even if they were once people? Ewww...
@Green Kirby the Leaft: just cause I hadn't taught him any other kinds for some reason. He now only has 3 of his moves water type, cuz they need to be that for his strategies to work.
If only my blastoise had more than just water type moves.
He's actually the fourth
As seen in this picture.
Everything is clear now
I have realized how overrated he is. I mean seriously he's like the fifth blue frog. The FIFTH! Why is nintendo so obsessed with blue frogs.
Well then....
This might signal the revival of this comic after we've talked about it for many months we never got to actually doing any of the ideas we came up with.

Anyways I made an animation showing Jojo beating up Marten for a school project. We were originally going to make a video of our pokemon battle but that never came to be. Instead you get this animation showing Jojo beating up Marten, because I won, and it killed two birds with one stone.

I hope this isn't just another upload that is followed up by nothingness

It was super effective!

Critical hit!
A wild plot point appeared!
What will X and S do?
I'll try my best...
I hope I can continue making comics. Sorry for not making any for a while, but as said above I got a new flashdrive of awesomeness. So it should be easier. I actually made this one at school.