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We're on Tapastic now!
Hi guys!
Just wanted to let you know that you can find Dead Man's Party over at Tapastic. Chapter 3 just started this week!

See you on the flip side ;-)
@edera: I'm actually on Tapastic now if you'd like to read the continuation! Link:
End of Chapter 2!
Chapter 2 was inspired by a song by Thrice called "Trust".
@Lilylilymine: Thank you thank you!!! I'm sad to leave the community but am excited to be drawing more pages. See you on the flip side!
Don't forget... Dead Man's Party is migrating after chapter 2!

You can also buy some of my comics or cards at the Etsy shop. Link here:
don't forget!
Dead Man's Party will be moving to a new server after Chapter 2. It's actually updated more frequently here too!
Don't forget; Dead Man's Party will be moving after chapter 2!:
Diver's character is based on Fitzgerald's "Tender Is The Night" :)
Just an update... Dead Man's Party will officially move once chapter 2 is done! I have about 7 pages left, so maybe in a month? If you want to get a head start, check it out here!
Shop's open!
Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that I opened an Etsy shop here:

I'm selling my mini-comic The Gecko and The Three Graverobbers as well as some Chinese New Years cards. Come check it out!
My New Year's Resolution is to finish Dead Man's Party this year.

There. I said it. Now let's see if I can actually do it!
sorry for the silence... i got a new job and the baby started to crawl, plus writing new shorts for upcoming contests has really taken time from DMP! i hope to update a little more frequently in 2014 (a reach the much awaited CH 4 and finish the story of miss gorgon and king lion!!!)
@Scythelliot: thanks!!! :3
@LEPPU: she is the epitome of faaaaaabulous!
April 18th, 2013
so much EMOTIONS!!!
"Patients bother a patient doctor
Plastics itch, and bandages the
Aftermath won't add up to this.
The fever breaks
It would take a masochist
To live like this"
"Caged rats, experiments
a brain with no oxygen
release all the hostages,
you've got to wash your hands of this"

- Finch, Reduced To Teeth
@polkadots: thank you! you make me blush :3
November 8th, 2012
bwaaaaa I love Tristan's face!!!
Dead Man's Party is going through a design change!

You may have noticed that this page looks a lot more different than other pages in the comic! I am currently in the process of redrawing all of my pages. You patience is much appreciated!