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@greenpowerstar: ok fine. i wont use the lisp for the rest of this comic
how much longer is this arc gonna last!? i demand a new arc!
if ssssomeone makessss a pun out of my name... jusssst try not to think about that
how issss earthworm jim nintendo!?
@tveye: i thought he wassss trying to evolve each of them
thissss issss the firsssst beautiful evolution sssstory ssssincccce the oddish line
y r they sssso angry? i dont get it
@Lugbzurg: i'm ssssorry, but thissss arc hassss gone on for far too long. when are gonna finish it? i'm jusssst curioussss
can thissss sssstupid arc finish before i deccccide to b an atheisssst. i'll give u til before page 666
aurora... pretty name for a pretty pokemon
*wolf whistles*
heavy lourde issss heavy
i'm rage quitting on thissss comic
sssso treble issss technically crosssssssdresssssssing
im gonna go ssssearch ssssnake protoman now
mad didnt usssse my weapon... :'(
letssss get sssstarted
@SPDark: ok, i can agree with liking audinossss. theyre perfect for harvessssting exxxxperiencccce pointssss
check thissss out!
if thissss doessssnt make u hate antssss nothing will
jusssst watch from 1:40 to the end