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November 16th, 2012
@MadMan: Yep, I know. I wish I had a drawing team, Ive got a lot of strips written down that need to be done. New university is taking over all my time.
Send me your address and Ill send you a comic print.
@Joe0793: No, no I didn not know that
September 13th, 2012
@Tijopi11: Yes,yes thanks for keeping track and stopping by ;)

A lot has been going on and its hard to get back onto track with comics. I have a lot of new ideas for when I get to it again though.
A surprise vacation came up and I had to lie on the beaches of croatia. You were all invited to come but I forgot to invite you all.

I will try to get a comic out again every now and then during the summer. Nice of you to stop by MadMan, write me an email and Ill send you a signed comic.
Comic is back, I made sure to start early on it this time.
Enjoy, or not, either way my job is done.
June 11th, 2012
Im enjoying reading up on all of you. This site is only a few months old so all of you have found it pretty early on.
Keep being awesome.
June 9th, 2012
Well, well. Good to have all of you here. Guess now I have a reason to feel bad when I dont do the comic.
Wish you all a great weekend and dont forget to eat lots of candy! (that stuffs delicious)
May 28th, 2012
This is strip 1 of a small series called "Bathshrooms". A story about Charlie finding and eating some mushrooms growing in his bathroom that seem to have psychedelic effects.
May 17th, 2012
Good bye Liripipe.

Youve managed to write several pages worth of comments without even mentioning one thing that speaks against evolution.
All youve said is that Darwin didnt believe his theory (which is false and spread by Elisabeth Reid who claimed she was at his deathbed when he said this. His children were at his deathbed and Elisabeth was not there) and that Evolution is just a theory. This definition explains it best ""Theory" in science does not mean the same thing as "theory" in colloquial terms. In science a theory is a model that explains observations and is backed by strong evidence, it must make predictions and those predictions must be tested and verified and it must be falsifiable.
You can't just come up with an idea and claim its a theory. For a theory to be a theory it has to go though the rigorous scientific process that attempts to falsify it.
Relativity is still a theory, gravity is still a theory, germ theory is still a theory".

Like I said, there is not a single piece of evidence against evolution, just misunderstood facts. Ive spent time trying to find some, I havnt found any and neither have any of the world's scientists. Id love to hear what compelling arguments you have come across.
May 15th, 2012
Hello Liripipe, welcome back.

There is not one single piece of evidence against evolution. In fact, every single experiment, discovery and observation falls exactly in line with darwins theory (EXACTLY, not sort of, not a little, not maybe.. but EXACTLY without a doubt). Be it DNA and genomes, transitional fossils or the observed evolution of plants, animals and insects alive today. The chihuaua or poodle, for example, were bred to look the way they did today. It is just an example of many different species evolving from the same acestor.

As I said, there is not one piece of evidence supporting anything but evolution, there are only misunderstood facts. I guess it all sums up to one thing in the end. Do you want to follow a religion based on belief, or do you go after a scientific approach to the world, one which has allowed us to cure thousands of diseases, build skyscrapers, fly through the air and land rovers at a precise point at a precise time on another planet millions of miles away. We have come very far in the past few centuries and have come to understand many of lifes secrets and how things work. Im sure religion has brought you something as well, I have no doubt in that and if it makes you happy and helps you be a good person then thats fantastic.
I thought it might be fun to do an interview. If there is any interest I will do some more with other unusual guests.

Im sorry if evolution only follows "science-y” facts. Darwin actually worked on and reviewed his theory for many years after he had finished it just to be absolutely sure that there were no mistakes made. He did, in fact, believe his theory to be true. Science has brought us all the technology, medicine, understanding of math, biology, chemestry etc and even allows us to explore beyond our planet into the deep reaches of outer space. Of all the scientists and engineers in the United States, 95% of them support evolution. These are intelligent people who accept rational, evidence based explanations to the questions of the universe.
Also, there are not any "gaping holes" in the theory of evolution as youve stated. Thanks for stopping by, I hope my unfunny and unoriginal comics continue to blandly humor you in the future!


Thanks for the support! It will never be possible to please everybody so no point in trying. My rat says "Hello" to your cat.
April 28th, 2012
To any biology interested readers: Yes, you are right! We are more closely related to apes than monkeys.
This has been Comika's "SCIENCE FACT OF THE DAY"
April 23rd, 2012
Playing around with color on a previous comic
It doesnt seem to matter who you ask, toes are always the most crazy looking part of your body.
April 13th, 2012
Drinking: Its all fun and games until somebody gets naked. (then its a really fun time)
Most people dont even know that it is possible to go numero dos sitting down OR standing. Ask a friend what they do, youll be surprised and might even lose respect for them forever!
This comic is a reminder to everyone that if you want something in life, just go out and get it!
March 31st, 2012
Link to Thomas J. Grassos wiki page: