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Divine Knight
Long ago, I started making these first two webcomics. I always wanted to put them on Smackjeeves, but I didn't know whether they needed a paid subscription or what. Then, I got up the courage to sign up. And now, I did what I wanted to. And I'll keep on doing it! BTW, don't expect updates every day. You have NO idea how busy I am. But I'll do my best to update whenever I can.
Congratulations on eight years!
Oh, congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful life with each other!
I'm going with #3. The last one there made me laugh.
That cake is awesome! I want a cake like that...

Also, Happy Birthday!
@Dub_L_Eon: As a new person who has used GIMP before, I can agree. Not only was it confusing, but also not user friendly. I had to use it once for school to shade 3-D objects like a sphere and pyramid, and a simple job that could have taken me 15-30 minutes, maybe even an hour tops, took me about 3 to 5 hours because the tools and the entire program was confusing, glitched, and also would do the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. And even when I thought I had figured it out, it would still do the wrong thing.

I tried to be neutral and see how GIMP was, but after my first use I could tell that this program is horrible unless you've had like, at least 2 years of experience with it, and even then, it still has issues. It is in no way user friendly unless you are an absolute master with it.
Yay, animated comic panels!
All I can say is

@MecanicalCH: Wait you've been teasing Shard about that?

Oh my stars XD
@aqua the hedgie: Oh? What's this about?
@Moon light madness: Actually I was done after Syo's comic.

Besides Aura wanted the ship to happen and I decided to personally ship it because it was my idea. Then Syo added Darky, then Bre did this.
Bre this is amazing 9999999999999999/10
@MecanicalCH: Well, now that my hormone-fueled shipping urges are over, I don't know what to do. I feel a bit guilty about starting this actually.

But I'll get over it easily because it's a troll we're shipping. :3
@Moon light madness: Exactly~ And Aura made that comment on Skype before in the comic. Which lead to my comic, then lead to this threesome.

This has been a great day for me.
@Moon light madness: fficial/

This will explain everything.
@Syogren: Oh my god Syo this is amazing 10/10 all the other ships go home.