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Umm, actually, the "You do not need to start cursing others out for one little critique." is fine.
Um..say something about the comic.
Um..say something about the comic.
P.S: Proof that you were homeschooled?
@Rad Rocket: When you think about it, none of your tracks we're covered also.

1. You're the first to blame somebody (o_O
2. You blame Syeed for everything
3. You reappear on the day THIS STARTED
And what do you mean I hadn't covered "any of my tracks"? Nothing pointed back to that group, seeing as it could've been anyone on Smackjeeves. It's kinda ironic how the day this all happens your online all day. So anyone could've accused you, also. As I said, you sound like one of those kids who gets bullied in school all the time so you go on the internet and try to act tough. Atleast, that's what 99.9% of your kind do.
"Uh... I was right. I never insisted it was you, but I definitely insisted that it was somebody in your Voices group -- and it is"

Why don't you read over the shit you say?

How old are you, a 9 year old trying to act tough on the internet?
@Rad Rocket: Love how the Voices automactily get fingers pointed out.

Explains why no one on this site actually respects you.'s time to reveal myself.

It's me, Awesomepizzaman/PizzamanColors/PizzamanTheBold/Whatever you wanna call me.

Yep. This whole mastermind plan was mine the whole time. I actually planned to do this for months, but decided not too until now.

Now...what happens to SQA?

Sorry to the people who wanted it deleted, but no. Me and Shadowfan made a deal last night.

The thing with SQA is that it doesn't need to be deleted, it just needs to be better.

So I, the best comic maker on smackjeeves and THE WORLD, will join forces with Shadowfan to make SQA a better comic. Yes, in the next few months/weeks/years, you will see that Shadow's Quest Adventure will take a dramatic turn and you guys will all see it's true power.

Again, sorry to people who wanted the comic too be deleted.

~ Pizzaman
Alright, I won the voting. It's almost time to reveal myself.
I was fucking around, Me.
okay now the voting begins! it's tailsthefoxes (rad rocket?) vs shadowfan!
here is tailsthefoxes comic

for me i will vote Shadowfan!

posted by MartyMcFly2015 on 02 Mar 2012 09:47 pm

BTW, nice bias vote.
@sonicballzx: Yeah, ever since I joined this site my main goal was to get Shadowfan gone, he feel into my trap.
@sonicballzx: I changed it to votes since I gave shadowfan that extra time
Okay guys, I'm giving Shadowfan extended time.
Hold this comic just yet.
Pray that he loses.