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mostly works with traditional media :)
I'm a random person, an oyajicon, and love ice cream
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@Windgoddess427: thank you very much!
@Xianide: thank you (: I'm really delightful
@Disengaged: thanks a lot, I really glad you like it c: sorry for long time hiatus >_< I still busy with college stuff c: hope it would finish soon and I could continue this series :D
@cici-mici: thank you so much c:
I'll continue this comic after I graduate from college c:
@Guest: really sorry >_< college stuffs really make me busy
I hope I could continue this comic as soon as possible c:
@Guest: thank you very much :)
@PaperPlatePhace: thank you so much :D I saved the files with alphabet XD and I was too lazy to change it
yep, I made these with watercolor :3 hope you enjoy the story :)
@Roboninks: that's OK XDDD and thank you so much c:
@JigokuNeko: yeah, poor Isaac Q_Q
@Balisong: thank you c: would you mind to point out the mistakes? :D English isn't my first language, and if there's some mistakes I want to correct it c: thank you so much for your offer :D
@Rai-san: it'll be describe more in the next chapters c:
@Rai-san: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *launches*
@xiaa: sorry for the late reply :)
thank you very much :) and it's still chapter 0 :D so there'll be more XDD
@Yuki Kioku: sorry for very late reply
Isaac was a bit slow :) I made his personality like that XDD
@grifendel: sorry for very late reply >_< I was very busy and forgot to check my account here
just read :D and you'll find out :D
@xlabyrinth: well Isaac is a bit slow... I made him based on my personality XDDD
umm I make the chapter 0 about 3 months >_<
thank you for reading the chapter 0 :)
I'm in hiatus now until June or July. I hope I could manage the chapter 1 soon :)
I really appreciate every kind comments you have given to me ^_^ since I started to upload the comic here and you too all readers ^_^ I love you so much :hugs:
@JigokuNeko: XDD I like creme brulee too XDD that's why lol
@xiaa: thank you so much, I'm really glad you like it ^_^ I made it with watercolor :)
@Marion-999: I leave it to your imagination XD because it's still chapter 0 XD