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OMG!!!! suspense for next page!!!!
@Crimson Chains: You really should not have worried about the comical part on this page since it works so well. Actually I have been finding myself laughing or smiling at quiet alot which has been happening recently since you have been really getting across feeling and emotion in your characters.
So sorry for not replying sooner. I have been keeping up with the story and loving how it is going along. I have to say I literally laughed out loud at the Saito panels on this page.

I am liking Kaidou's brother and the scenes where him and Kaidou chatted. Boo hiss at the sensei and I like how what has happened in previous chapters has altered the character in later ones. Story is really developing along nicely. Cannot wait to read more ^_^
Replies from previous page:
@renchikolul : First comment as always ^_^.

@kaim : Seriously that first panel took me so long to draw and to get to look right. Hence so happy that you like it. Yes I want Seth to be very stereotypically English in his manners and living style.
Sex slave harem time
Yeah time for chapter 2 to start ^_^. I have always wanted to draw a sexy harem picture and I just could not stop myself from doing so for the cover. I could not think of a better character to be the master over all his sex slaves than Seth haha. Originally I had planned to have them all as lifeless puppets of Seth the puppet master, but blindfolded harem sex slaves worked so much better! I might colour this at some point but at the moment I am instead working on the first page of chapter 2.

I have to thank Kaim so much for all her help with this latest update. From the inspiration for the Zubin's hair (bottom character for anyone who did not read version 1) to generally being so supportive and motivational. Also I found this really good youtube video ( ) on how to tone in Manga Studio. It was like a light bulb moment for me. It meant that I now know how to get that toned hair effect you see in professionally published yaoi mangas.

Last but not least I have finally figured out how to record what I am drawing with a Wacom Cintiq dual screen set up. So hopefully I will be able to make some videos sometime.

Thank you all for reading and your support.
January 18th, 2012
Yeah at me being 75% right, means I have 25% of a surprise coming ^_^. I have to say it is your writing skills which I enjoy the most with your work hence I am sure you will pull it off. Just realised I did not even put Saito into the equation of what will happen next. I sense he will be an important factor. Even though he has been told to stay in that room at all cost, you know it isn't going to happen lol.

I love how he has handy polaroid pictures of everyone.
January 17th, 2012
hmm...I am guessing Aki will be able to fool the parents. The tutor might suspect a bit to start with but will be able to be convinced. But, Kaidou's brother will find out and threaten to expose the secret to the parents unless some blackmail condition is met. If I am right, you managed to set the plot up nicely. If I am wrong you have set it up nicely for twists and turns in the plot. Either way I am liking the inclusion of the brother. Makes it instantly more interesting than if it had just been parents and tutor.
love the previous page. The last 2 panels are priceless. If I was Saito at that point I would now be racking my brains for any word beginning with "ki" (other than kiss) that I could have been saying just then...since OMG killer glare there, don't want to mess with that glare!

Love the fan reward picture. Your artwork is improving so much.
Laughing so hard at the "we've slept together for a month" part! So funny. I love how it is said in such a matter of fact way which makes it even more funny, especially Saito's reaction.

I have to say the addition of Saito into the storyline works really well. He definitely has added alot of comedy into the storyline. His reactions are so hilarious.
Well I go human's sometimes when faced with the unexpected don't do what should be obvious to do in a certain situation. Hence it is understandable it was not his first question.

Love the last panel! Also the lineart has improved so much on this page.
I have to say that is the exact same question I was asking myself lol.
LMFAO I don't know why but when I read on page 98 that Kaidou was "frustrated" I could not help but also think "sexually frustrated". I don't know if this was intentional to give this other interpretation (as well as the obvious version of his frustration), but either way this coming across worked really well.
seriously lol at this page....actually LOL at everything. Each panel is funnier than the previous.

As for is a word and lol at is dictionary terminology ("sprinkled with spots") . I know I have had it before where I have thought I have made up a word only to find it actually does already exist.

Love your work so much and always look forward to the next update ^_^
aww....the end of updates. Got so involved in the story was so disappointed when I got to the end of pages. Read from start to finish in one go and loled all the way. Love the fact you have the story set in an MMO. Art is great, love the character design. Love the story. Instant fav ^_^
Replies from previous page
renchikolul : So happy that it came across that they were going to meet again and soon. Quiet excited about having to draw the next encounter since plot should then start to come together ^_^.

Kaim : Seriously I cannot wait either and it is me drawing it lol!
The End of 2011 and the end of a chapter
Last year I used the site to send an email to myself in the future on Christmas Day. In it I asked my future self about my manga and said, "Where are you up to now? Have you finished chapter 1 yet?". Hence I took this as a major push from my past self that I should have chapter 1 finished before 2012 and taddah it is done. Needless to say I will be using the same website to send this year's New Year's resolution through to my future self. I think my New Year's resolution will be to finish at least another chapter within the next year!

I have to say I am quiet happy with the outcome of this manga page since I go I can see a lot of progress compared to my past work. As I mentioned on my blog the info I learnt from "Create your own graphic novel" by Mike Chinn and Chris Mcloughlin has been so useful words cannot describe. A must read book if you are trying to make a graphic novel! As you can see this page, has more panels, more text, I have focused on backgrounds, there is background story coming through, I have focused on expressions, I finally seemed to have managed to get background toning to look normal and most importantly a curious ending to chapter 1. Needless to say I feel massive progress with this page and all I can do is thank "Create your own graphic novel" book for the big help and learning curve.

Now for the page, any guesses as to what Seth's mistake was???? There are some clues previously put in this chapter for those who want to try and guess. The only clue I will give is that it has a yaoi reasoning haha.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year and may 2012 bring everyone happiness and joy ^_^.
HAHA! Love the I cannot see with my glasses part. So been there and got the t-shirt on that point! Even funnier that she is sat next to them but is so hacked off with him she wont tell him where they are. Have to say that is one thing I love about your comic, the little everyday story points which are always refreshing and amusing.
Replies from previous pages:
Renchikolul : I think because I have spent so much time on this, I don't think I could just stop without finishing since I would get annoyed at myself for leaving it without an end. Again that sounds funny that the author would get annoyed at themselves for not completing their own work. Haha. This page gives you a little hint towards what will happen soon ^_^. Thanks for commenting.

Storms Fury : So happy people are still being able to find my work. Thank you for saying my story is riveting. The plot is one thing I have really focused on and hence it means a lot to know it is keeping people interested. Btw I love your ava, so cute and funny.

kaim (Guest) : Well I have to say mini you is working over time shouting in my ear to get stuff drawn and it seems to be working. As you know I have been working on ideas for the cover page which I am aiming to be as sexy as possible. Fingers crossed I will pull it off, thanks to your help and support.

wicked kisameru : Thanks for sticking around. It really means a lot that fans have done. Love the cat ava. It looks so cute in the photo.
Looking for positivity in everything
I have been working on the end of this chapter and the cover for the next chapter while in work recently. I totally have to thank the fact that I have a job which can be very dull and boring at times for giving me so much extra time to think about this story and doodle page layout ideas. Hence a dull job is not a bad thing, it is actually a positive ^_^. I am trying to think more positively about all aspects of my life. Hence, although I am not totally happy with how this page turned out, instead of being down and negative, I am instead going "next page will be better"!

New fans, old fans I appreciate you all. So thank you so much for reading, commenting and faving ^_^.
so happy to have found this on SJ. ^_^