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Gay Sounds pornographic
^ same but guild wars 2
Just Making Sure
It seems some people are confused *Glares at ryanmilla* So i made this
@RyanMilla: He isnt in the future
HAahahahahahhahahah really?
@chaossonicLV9000: Are you in a mental institute?
@chaossonicLV9000: what? just what? Why? really? really?
@RyanMilla: You realise that doesnt make sense if he is taking him there right?
@Ryjora: For Noah read the first 2 pages of this chapter
@Ryjora: Nova was in this comic it was his first appearance just look from the nebula arc onwards but there are multiple ones
@RyanMilla: You realise thats not really how it works
@RyanMilla: Wait what? wouldn't the first one be with Noah?
The other ones didn't work -.-
Nova Junior
He is a genetic clone made from samples from Maddy and Nova
@Moonskilled: Cos he is in the other comic section with Noah his geneticly cloned son is with lemon and lime
Best dancing ever way better then Johnny Steps