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Hannah - 20 - lesbian - she/her

Sup, I'm Hannah, a comic fanatic and animation student from the UK! I mainly do Nuzlocke runs (that I rarely complete lol) and occasionally, a fan comic. I also run a slice of life comic about my university adventures on tapastic!

Twitter: @Sail_to_Me
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Pink... REALLY needs to think about the long term effects of doing this stuff before she acts. Poor Pearl...
Pip (Pink Pearl) is a pearl oc I created especially for this comic. But I ended up getting really attached to her and there's like, a whole shipping aspect with her and Pearl on my blog now...

More Pip art can be found here:
just for the record...
ordering another pearl when you're in love with Pearl is like,, a VERY bad idea 0/10 do not recommend
i decided to upload the first page...
...just because i didn't want to lose interest with just a cover page lol. from now on i'm doing a schedule. pages will be posted on tuesdays and fridays!
a new webcomic!!
Don't panic, this one is close to being completed on my tumblr and has a decent buffer so I should actually complete it lmao.

Welcome to my new oneshot comic, A Love Theory. This is a story I wanted to explore ever since first watching A Single Pale Rose. Knowing that Pearl now was actually Pink Diamond’s pearl, I had to wonder about the possibility of her ever… pulling a stunt like this. I’d like to say that this is a CHARACTER STUDY. I don’t condone the actions of Pink in this comic, but I also don’t believe that she is evil - rather, she is young, naive, extremely selfish, and doesn’t think her actions through.

This can also be read on my art blog:
I should be updating weekly, but if you can't wait you can read the first 15 pages there!
Hi. I never got to even finishing the first chapter even though I had like five planned lmao. Life got in the way, my interest in this comic fluctuated a lot, and I was struggling with my art. I've grown a lot since the last time I posted an actual comic page here, but I still don't think I'm going to finish Origins. Especially after A Single Pale Rose aired.

So what now?

Well, I've started making comics again, after this episode aired. It's crazy, it's like it just sparked some new inspiration in me for fan comics again. I have two so far, one about the immediate aftermath of the shattering, and one about Pink Diamond learning about love. I have a lot more ideas too. I'm debating over whether to add them onto this comic as extra chapters, or to start a new comic just to post any Steven Universe comics I make in the future. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them.
i'd like to apologise for the length of this first of all...
I've been reading this comic on and off since you first started uploading it on smackjeeves but I think this is the first time I've commented??
I feel so silly for that! This comic is gorgeous! Your art style is beautiful to look at, the balance between humour and drama is great, and oh god, I love everyone's dynamics so much! Des is a great protag, and I think it's the first time I've seen a nonbinary/genderfluid protag in a nuzlocke run, so it really made me happy!
I have to say Green is my current favourite, though. There are several panels where I've buried my head in my hands and gone oh my god he's so taken by Red!! Being gay myself I love seeing their rivalry/relationship slowly budding in this comic. And their fashion is on point, too.
All in all, I regret tuning out of this comic for a while, because in under an hour you've pulled me right back in again! I'm sorry for the length of this, but I adore it! It makes me want to start up my own pokemon comic again... maybe I will after inktober! You gave me some amazing world building inspiration, so thank you for sharing this comic on here!
Launching a new youtube channel!
Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while! My course is really tough but I've made it through first year! Now I have more free time I am super close to being finished with the first chapter, and I'll keep going (provided the show doesn't reveal Pearl's backstory first). I think I churn out better quality stuff a lot faster with the experience of being an animation student so I've been setting up an art youtube account, for speed paints, animation tests and art challenges. I'll also be showing comic pages, although probably for my original stuff rather than Origins (maybe I'll do those on my Patreon once I get it set up, though).

Anyway, so many apologies for being so slow with updates!! I love you all who still read this, I promise pages will start appearing again soon!

RosePearl speedpaint:
Thank you for 100+ readers!!
It means a whole lot to me! I'm hoping to get comics churned out a little faster in the next couple of months because the recent stevenbomb has got the inspiration going again for me. I drew this up for Femslash February but also holy shit over 100 of you care about my comic, that's amazing! Thank you so much!

Anyway, this was supposed to look romantic and dramatic, like a poster for a space opera or something. Starcrossed lovers... worlds apart... can't keep their love under wraps... stay tuned for more hot rose quartz on pearl action...
@Oreina: i have roughly the first five chapters planned out, it's just a matter of drawing it, and my animation degree doesn't give me as much free time anymore... but yeah, i am still planning on continuing it!
@Moo Moo: thanks! yeah, it was actually the more popular comics like new home that inspired me to create a su fancomic ^^
@Flamelight7: thanks! i wanted to give it a darker, more stylised kind of look. pearl is trying her best to stay devoted to her diamond but she can't help being captivated by rose... and rose is a mysterious enough character already, so i wanted to channel that mystery through another character's eyes too.
i know it's been a while...
But I drew a cover for this comic! I'm planning on working on the next few pages once I'm back at uni because as it turns out I can't do /anything/ when I'm at home anymore because I'm so busy. I'm pretty proud of the line art on this one.
@Flamelight7: yeah!! this page took longer to come out than usual because i was figuring out how to go about writing the note... and then in the end I just spliced together a bunch of characters I looked up on the pillars in the sky arena, so rose's note probably doesn't make any kind of sense, but so far there's no cracked code for the gem alphabet, so i played it by ear.
Aaaaand we're in the present day.
what will pearl do now???? stay tuned
@SilverNinetales: Eh, what can i say, i picture quartzes to be very arrogant and full of themselves... she thinks she's The Shit since she actually got a diamond's pearl to follow an order she gave. i think her and pearl will be great for mellowing each other out.
@Flamelight7: oh, i know what you mean. mr greg killed me and brought me back to life again. especially those two songs!!! the only thing that would kill me harder would be a REAL origin story for rose and pearl that was anywhere near as beautiful as mr greg and the answer.

ah, but you've heard the end of that proverb, right? 'curiosity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back.' ;)
pretty colours, pretty colours everywhere!!
so pearl took the note from rose... who knows where this will lead...
sorry for the wait, i don't think i'll be updating in the week anymore because of the stevenbombs, but i'll try and update at the weekends. i have the outlines for the first three chapters of this comic though, so it will have a coherent plot hopefully, even if updates are slower.
@Flamelight7: Oh, you're right. There's so much ahead of her that she can't even fathom - and to think it'll all begin with a simple piece of paper. (Though, I think it's safe to say that Pearl already has Rose Quartz's attention, don't you think? <3)
So THIS is the catalyst!
And so, for the first time, Rose trusts a diamond's pearl. (Just admit it Rose, you're smitten.) Lets see where this journey will take us next.