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Just some random guy who decided one day, "Hey, I like sprite comics. Why not make my own?" And so he did. Big fan of Ultimate Yoshi, BattleStarX, Gigi19972010, Luigi_96, basically Kirby sprite comics.
Current Status: Inactivity
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    Geeksworth (No, not really)
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What you're saying is, global warming is still our fault, even though it's the wizards' fault?
I'm probably just overthinking this...
" Some people are just more sensitive to heat, or at least USA black magic, sensor..."
Global warming is the American dark wizards' fault. There's no other explanation.
Too lazy to--
Wait. You're saying that Caiya is just a kid!?
@Ultimate Yoshi: Pac-Man World 2? Nice. I love that game.
Are you going for 100%, or no?
@SuperScratchkat: This is a sprite comic. Technically, he's also copying, as is every other sprite-comicker out there.
April fools! Yes, I know that there isn't any TOPEKA this year...but I compensated by posting it a day later!

Okay, I admit it. I failed. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but...don't blame me, okay? Blame The Doctor. (And I don't just mean my doctor, I mean The Doctor...)
Anywho (ha ha), enjoy the late "comic." It is, unfortunately, one of the last you'll be seeing in a little while, but in my absence, I've done some worldbuilding, characterization, and gagwriting, and I'm a fair bit more confident about what I want to do here. (Not as much as I should be, though...) In the meantime, I may post gag strips and updates occasionally, but I'm still inactive. Please don't kill me.

All the dialogue here is in-character. Feel free to speculate.

(Hey, I actually posted on Wednesday! Woo!)
Hey, wait...
Daroach wished he was on his ship (or some other safer place) and then mysteriously vanished.
So that would be two wishes left...?
I guess that's what I get for not checking before posting!
EDIT: I think I see the problem--I completely forgot to read what he actually said! How utterly foolish of me...
That would be imperfectly centered around the letters the farther it gets from the center of the box. That may well be a good thing, but I just thought I'd point that out.
This is a glitch? I thought that it was intentional and actually somewhat...
Okay, I guess it's not "cool" exactly, so I suppose I should say interesting.
Sword and stone in third panel...
@Over 9000:
*Summons hook-shaped sword from the Duat*
@[insert generic username]:
My thoughts exactly. It seems too contrived.
"Bracelets must be broken with light" seems a little...contrived to me, what with "there just happens to be a person in the team that is a Lightbender."
...Hmm. Never been much into superheroes and Marvel and whatnot. I may have heard of it...
After that little thing about fonts some time ago...what font is it in that last panel?
As a code nerd, I feel obligated to ask how you did that. (EDIT: Yes, I should probably know that, but I don't, so eighty-six.)
I didn't think of the Avengers. I don't even know who they are.
I suppose now would be a bad time to mention that epsilon?
@Super Bluey:
If you could skip the Kirby Dance, maybe...