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I was just checking this page to see if I missed anything... Wow, his armpits are gnarly!
The Vagner mutant is ripped!

Anyway, I'm glad O-W has returned! And GD! is well on the way!
Great page!
Glad you're feeling better and happy 100th!

And btw... I so just met your twin. Well, probably not, but you two have the attitude, vibe, and whole comic book thing going on.
Awesome creepy hand.
And awesome spooky eye.
And awesome page altogether.
Freaking awesome!!
I can't wait to see the next page!
It's the small things in both of yur comics that hook me every time.
The beloved Frogman.
Plop, thud, and other awesome sound effects.
And now it's smoke.
Great page.
I'm not sure what to think about Vager's uber German accent.
Hooray for the return of Vagner!
January 30th, 2008
Great page!
I'm certainly super happy to see O-W return.
Ty's face is great in the last pannel.
Oh my!!
Sorry you're having issues, but the page is great!

I know I've said it before, but Chug + ponytail = awesomesauce.
It's true
Women do go crazy over spunky hair.

Or maybe that's just me.
I definately love the third panel.
It's already cracking me up.
I can definately feel Ty's discomfort.
Karma is definately interesting, I like her wording.
Good page.
What does THF stand for? Or not allowed to know yet?
And Chug seems cockier with the ponytail.
I like the principal, he's got an evil feel to him.... But he's no Vagner.
Just to review.... so far, you've got me wanting to do an O-W logo shirt, and now a PECKS shirt.
I was going to comment on both Chug's and Ty's shirts. I like them both. :)
And this may be the girly part of me, but I definately like Chug's pony tail. Artistically, I mean.
Hooray! The return of O-W!!
I'm overjoyed.

It seems like everyone's getting nicknames. There's Anus Guy, There's Lightening Guy, there's (I can't remember exactly so don't shoot me if I'm wrong) Guy with Glasses and the Fro.

I can't wait to see some hobos. :)
Wow, cool, you've changed the page format thing.
Looks good.
This might actually be my favorite o-w page yet.
It looks good. :D