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uhhh.... description...? not gonna happen.. I like lots of junk..(especially the smexy junk CX) I do some drawing in my spare time, and some terrible coloring(at least I think it's crappy) I has no job..(which means I'm pretty dagum broke..)but I'm workin on that.. etc...well.. Idk.. and neither do you!! ,_, so get over it.. just know that I do some crazy stuff..but it's not tooo crazy.. and I'm missing some words from my vocab..they're there, I just ignore them.. &_&
I'm not sure what the web site thing is actually for.. but I'm gonna put my deviantart thingy there..
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you have a wonderfully relaxing vacation :)
yeah... he's totally fine... <.< >.>
and I love your tattoo!! :) I got one there and it hurt like a B****!!! because it was so close to my collar bone.
"Ah screw it" *nom nom face* :)
*unintelligible gibberish*
Oh Hiddy! I love him so much. Glad he isn't dead yet. He's gonna die on his own damn terms man. ^-^
LIVE HIDDY!!!!!! LIVE!!!! and avenge your friend's death!! and your almost death!!
bottom 3 panels make me laugh soooo much! ^-^ I'm loving this comic!!
I like the unfinished page. It has a neat little edgyness to it. Maybe I like it becuase I can't do clean lines to save my life.... Love it!
I'm just gonna curl up in the fetal position and cry now..
JUMP OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW HIDDYKINS!!!!!!!!!!!
oh noes!! :O but maybe this just means that Hades and Apollo can switch back and Hades can save Priam from the Ghoulies!! C:
ooh.. life simulating drugs... wonder how that works.. hope they can fix him so he gets better.. every great comic needs a sexy vamp in it, that's not unconscious. ^^ not that Guthlac isn't great too.. :)
love this page!! the backgrounds are amazing and the hair looks wonderful. ^^
almost took it
I was close to taking the viginity of the comments. oh well, love this page Artemis makes me happy, she looks a-freaking-mazing. Poor thing, he'll never catch a break :< hopefully he'll have better luck after this.
those eyes
God!!! I love his eyes soooo much!! I've tried to make eyes have that look and they always come out lookin stupid or something.. :/ love the comic btw, even if it's only like page 4.

Edit: page 6...
smooth Hiddy... real smooth.. I think Tommy get's more than just his facial expressions from his daddy.. also his terrible ability to lie as well..
"I was... cheating on you! Planning my affair!" adultery!!! with Jack!!! LMAO
"hang up Jack"
"yes scary lady"
that made my day ^-^
I'm going to watch The Hunger Games on Friday with the English class, they read the books so we're goin as a field trip!! I haven't finished the book yet tho. almost done. I'll finish it tonight!!!
oops..I started rambling... :/ my bad...
love the page can't wait for more! I love Jack, even if he's so terrible the 7th level of hell might not even take him in... <3 <3
oh god!! don't do what Apollo would do!! DX
Holy hot damn!!!
cute bat turns into sexy man!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! lolz