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Ohmigosh, she's pregnant? I'm so happy right now. xD
That bubble over Kaidou's crotch in the last panel makes him look like he's wearing no clothes... I have no problem with this. XD
Called it. They're both so handsome!
So if they look look their avatars online and the theory of there being two Kuros is right... Could he had a twin who uses his account? 0^0
As bad as Dad is, I think the mother is worse. At least he's upfront about his problems. Mum just seems to bitch about it behind her families back - to Aki no less!
He is Kira.
*instant shit storm*
I hope this doesn't happen though. xP
I had a friend when I was young that used to not wear his seatbelt. Whenever Mum saw he didn't have it on she would pull over and say that the car wouldn't go if he didn't have it on. xD
Anyways, Shuuhei and Kaidou are the perfect example of brotherly love.
I'm really not surprised that this comic is getting more popular and you deserve every fan you have Crimson. ^^
Also, I keep seeing little faces on the end of the lamp and it looks shocked to see Aki being so adorable. >x<
@Crimson Chains: That's all very true. x3
I'm pleased to hear that. I'm good, just enjoying the last week or so of holidays I have before going back to studying. xD
I can understand Ryuuta's reasoning, but there should be none when it comes to love. x)
Awesome work as always Crimson. I hope everything is going well for you. ^^
As awesome as this moment is, I just noticed Haru's tattoo's. Are they just on his arm, does he have more or...?
Weird question, I know, I just like tattoos. ^^;
2-3 weeks isn't that long. Not to mention I'll also be distracted by exams and family as we prepare for Christmas so I wouldn't miss anything if there was a brief hiatus.
Besides, you spoil us rotten anyways. Take a break Crimson, and good luck with your finals. x)
Just realised, how does she deal with flying and wearing a skirt? 0.0
Re-reading through this comic in one sitting for the hell of it. The curse of boredom is only beginning. Damn you holidays. -_-
I'm kind of sad that I only found your work halfway through, but at least I did. It's amazing that this comic has lasted so long and I commend you for writing it.
We should be thanking you Crimson, I'm not joking. You update EVERYDAY! That's beyond amazing (I've said this word twice dammit but I can't think of anything else to describe it and I should end this bracket bye).
I can promise you that I will continuing to watch your work until you get rid of me. x3
I'm loving this comic so much right now just... How do you speak English again? I'm having difficulty explaining myself right now. xD
Kaidou's kindness is just so amazing. As much as Aki needs the hugs right now, I feel like saluting Kaidou for being such a good boy friend.
This has so many feels right now. I don't even know how to explain what I'm feeling.
*hugs Aki to death*
*le poke*
The picture for the badges isn't showing up for me. xC
Ramblings and such
Hello Crimson~ I haven't posted anything this whole chapter but I have to admit, it was a very good chapter. I'm sure I've said this before along the line, but your comic is refreshing. There are only a rare few that actually get me hooked like yours has and do you know why? It's because you keep us waiting.
A lot of other comics I've read, the characters jump into each other's pants like it's nobody else's business. But with Kaidou and Aki... Their relationship is a whole lot sweeter than any other I've seen. It's amazing, really.
And what's worse is, I now have no idea what is next for these guys! You've left me completely clueless as to where this comic will go next.
Any who, keep up the good work. ^^