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    Yama Doll
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New Artist!
First Comic Book Man page coloured by Tsuki Studio's Celeste Biggar!
More to come!
lol that's pretty funny
Your style looks awesome! The line are is so great!
Wow... I love your style!
Always so motivating whenever I see it!
Real per Glitch
As a treat. Here is a preview to an upcoming original comic called Real per Glitch!

An exciting, daring adventure where the story isn't the goal and the real objective is unlocking the truth... one glitch at a time!

Get ready for the next chapter of Comic Book Man!
lol cue Nickleback music!
"And they say that a hero will save us! I'm not gonna stand here and waiiiiit...
lol :D
@aendrl: My Pleasure! Please keep up the good work ^_^
I was hoping that you'd continue! I love the concept!
Are you a Hero or Villain?
This is Celeste as a Superhero! Depending on your personality, you can also be a Superhero or even a Supervillain! Ask about the Hero/Villain Super Quiz and prices!! (
lol she's fun!
Here's a new look for this comic. I hope you like it!
I think it looks cool and it's less time consuming so I can get more done, which is awesome!
@Rascal Pigeonhound: A smile upon my face and a single tear rolls down my cheek! lol ^_^
@wilderulz: Thank you! ^_^
This drawings dedicated to wilderulz
My very first fan after my very first post was wilderulz! And still commenting on my pages! Thank you so much for your support! I hope that you'll be enjoying more and more of my future upcoming pages!!
This drawings dedicated to Rascal Pigeonhound
Rascal Pigeonhound! Thanks so much for being an awesome fan! I find your comments almost on every page that is one big motivating drive that keeps me going!
Here is OverPower Man! Just for you! Cause you think he's so cool right? lol
This drawing's dedicated to gevans1961
It makes me really happy that I have fans that leave comments. I wanted to dedicate a drawing to you gevans1961. Thanks!!
Haha! It was pretty fun writing this guy's dialogue :)
My guess is... a character in Dead or Alive beach volleyball?

I love your art!!