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Hey, Lin here!

I've been drawing for a while now, so I've been thinking about making my own stories and whatnot. So I finally started making my own comics and it's been a great experience so far.

I love cute things, sweets, and horror.

Feel free to talk to me owo

Lydia's Delivery Service eh-heh
Never really thought of that but omg you're right o_o

Thank you ^^

He's just as much in the dark as Lorna is really o3o;;
Trying to figure out how to make Mr. Shadow's speech bubbles more visible...
Welp, that's what she did Mr. Shadow.
August 27th, 2015
Hey guys!

Sorry this is just kinda here to tell you that this series is in hiatus. I wrote that it was in hiatus in the description, but I realize that I've never actually put a "formal" notice within the comic.

I'm still planning on continuing, but in the meantime I'll be working on my other comic called 9999 Scares.
If you think you would be interested in reading about the little girl and her ghost friend in the image above, feel free to check it out ( owo)b

( Psst, here's the link: )

Thanks for reading!

Yeah the halftones were just for the demon-thingy pages. It makes it a lot easier to draw in that style since most of my time is spent on drawing the demon-dude =w=;;
I think I might use a different texture than halftones then owo

It just seemed like characters' colors were really similar to the house or it looked a bit crowded
(Like you can barely notice Lorna in the first two panels here: )

It's probably just me though o3o;

I think I'll do really plain backgrounds when people are talking then. Makes it a bit easier for me and I might cover that background with a speech bubble anyway.

Thank you sir ( owo)b
Decided to try out making things much more contrasting.

Like... Lorna's hair is dark enough that it can be colored black (even though she doesn't have black hair)

And backgrounds are a lot lighter and less detailed now so that characters don't blend in too much with it... I think it looks nice here, but I haven't seen what it looks like inside of the house so not too sure just yet.

Opinions and suggestions would be nice ( =w=)b

Ah, no, but I didn't think of that actually owo;;

My apologies ( v.v);;

Back pains owo;;

It's actually a huge pain to draw eh-heh ;w;
I've been messing around with shading and stuffs. Not really sure if it shows in this page o3o;;

Trying to understand it I see heh-heh =w=

Thanks owo!
Welp, okay Lorna.

I love horror and cute things, so I decided I wanted to make this comic like that =w=

Thank you owo!
Trying more exaggerated stuffs =3=

Also trying to get back into posting once a week ;3;

Edit: Aaand now I realize I updated on the wrong day, whoopsies.

Well it sorta kinda is ;w;

Oh I was dressing up as this gal over here from the game Skullgirls

I had maybe a week or two to finish it after a friend of mine said that she was going to cosplay a different character from the same game XD

I'm going to post some pictures of us later in this link owo!
Welp, going to Anime Midwest next week.

I've been working on my Painwheel cosplay (from Skullgirls), so I've been trying to fix it up instead of drawing (boooo)

Sorry ;w;