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Only three cute Pikachu;

Ritchie's Sparky~

Red's Pika~

Atticus' Rat~
Movies are nothing compared to imagination~
Don't liek Stein, being such an unsporting dick~

Oh and Blable, the only super Pikachu be Red's Pika~
Bitchslap them both with a Magikarp. Damn those wimps~ D:<
Might look intimidating, but still, only an onix~
Go DT! Go, go!
In response to Zelkova:
Screw off pikachu of Ash, Charmander is so tougher than you~ ^^
Awwwwwww, poor DT getting his butt scratched like that~ >,<
That was headbutt! >:I
@pat15: that dude failed there, that's totally a Dugtrio, silly twit x3
Oh anything but a Diglett. If that thing has sand veil and knows sandstorm, DT is buggered ><

Also she has said Dig twice and GR didn't do a thing.
Just realised, gotta say this. You all shush up!

Bankai! Rip his guts out! GUTRIPPER!
@Raichi: His smokes?
@Just some person: If I remember correctly, there be those water sprinkler system things in the ceiling incase of fire in the anime, in a room composed entirely of ROCK~ Now thats idiotic aye?
Yay! I knew it wouldn't be Brock! ~bounces sideways~
Ooooooh I wonder if it be Brock's father as the leader now, or or or that trainer who measures in light years from PKMN Red & Blue :3
I don't even think it's gonna be brock there anymore if this is loosly following the anime.