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Thses backgrounds are wonderful btw
im going to approach this a different way and try to make them look better next round
hello we have a lot of pages drawn out and we are planning on posting more soon.

MY dear friend NONA ROBERTSON did the pleasures of drawing this page for us!
(and then i coloured it... this is going to be thE last coloured page from here on i am sorry.)
@Major Fan: I think it was jazzys way of blurring into vision..... ??
Whoa your art is looking fantastic dude!! You've really improved since last update!!
scott no
She is so pretty )^o^( i love her eyelashes especially
mhh yes the butt
What was priscilla like when she was a small kid?
What. No. I cought up? Damn it! Can I just say Alberich's smile made me laugh more than i should have....
Wow good choices there sonny boy
Bri is so cute, i want to take her home.. Though it would be a bit awkward since she has the same name as me ^^;;
We switched jobs for most of this page...
I coloured this one instead of zecatatafish.
I aprecuated your top panel very much, god, i would be way to lazy to do that
So freakin COOL!!
My dad just ran into the room because I was screaming at the screen -__-;;