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    Breezy Mott (Mottinthepot)
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pitre looks like that yetti fucker from twilight princess, the little wife yetti.. yetta? yeah
woooh i whole single scene done!! I promise to keep posting!! I do not have a set schedule because of my health but I am working hard every day!! Drop by every few to see new content

oh also here is my patreon, I have thumbs, ref sheets, writing and my scanned pages all up so you can get ahead of the game if so desired!!
chapter page drawn by zoe mott, edited by Breezy Mott
Thses backgrounds are wonderful btw
im going to approach this a different way and try to make them look better next round
hello we have a lot of pages drawn out and we are planning on posting more soon.

MY dear friend NONA ROBERTSON did the pleasures of drawing this page for us!
(and then i coloured it... this is going to be thE last coloured page from here on i am sorry.)
@Major Fan: I think it was jazzys way of blurring into vision..... ??
Whoa your art is looking fantastic dude!! You've really improved since last update!!
scott no
She is so pretty )^o^( i love her eyelashes especially
mhh yes the butt
What was priscilla like when she was a small kid?
What. No. I cought up? Damn it! Can I just say Alberich's smile made me laugh more than i should have....
Wow good choices there sonny boy
Bri is so cute, i want to take her home.. Though it would be a bit awkward since she has the same name as me ^^;;
We switched jobs for most of this page...
I coloured this one instead of zecatatafish.