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@Zoroark_illotionist: I'm more a Koffing guy myself. ;p
Gaze upon thy field of fucks, thou shalt see it is barren.
@Guest: Cali, if you're actually too immature to understand that Kenshi has a personal life then we'll all be glad to see you leave. The only thing you've done here is shown how much of an utter douchebag you are. There's people here who waited much longer than three months during the last two hiatuses.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, I say.
@Karasugaming: He probably won't, the cover artwork for this comic's follow up called Temporal Shadows shows him still as a Charmander.
Sweet hell, things suddenly aren't looking good now.
@HimoriKenshi: I guess you've got to be good at tanking hits when you're a stationary target.
Ceilings exist. Gitgud, Guren.

The perfect sound for this failure.
Walrein: If you put too much pressure on yourself, your guts may fall out!

Kenshi: In that case, I'll just put them back in! No problem.

Kenshi Himori, everyone!
I can't wait for the Wartortle vs Wartortle fight.
@Snivy1234: I've noticed it too, Smack Jeeves seems to be having some problems if it's not limited to this comic.
@SkunkWitch: Or he's been expecting the others after encountering Kenshi. Guren and Nardo aren't defeated yet.
That's one heck of a Leaf Blade.
Chestnut Traps are the absolute lamest way to use a Reviver Seed, right?
I've recently began making a habit of trying to guess who draws blood first during battles here. I totally lost this one. :p
There's nothing quite like giving an evasive foe such a solid punch, eh~?
@Guest: Nah, Kuri's just a bit on the slow side.
@HimoriKenshi: Dang right. Agility from Luvdisc/Kingdra on top of Luvdisc's Attract though...
I don't see much fun in being a paid assassin, truly. Guren is so relatable.