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Time to eat all the treasure they found.

(This should have gone up yesterday since it was Pi-Day...oh well!)

Sorry for such a long hiatus, but we've been super-busy getting ready for our first cons of the year.

You can find us a CPAC March 29th and MoCCA Fest April 11-12th.
X marks the spot!

We don't know how good those pies are going to taste after being buried for years in the jungle...
Harvey, Charlotte and Clementine are still hunting for buried treasure. They spent their holiday trying to escape from the spooky cave!
Looks like they're going to have to go through that spooky cave...

It's been a few months since we have been able to work on these comics, but we're back to continue the story!
I guess they didn't have the money to afford that fancy pirate ship after all...
Harvey, Charlotte and Clementine set sail on the high seas!
@summerstorm: It's hard to get a fair price! Though I'm not sure these two even have much money, haha.
Looks like Harvey and Charlotte are in need of a shiny, new pirate ship for their adventure. So many choices....
Harvey and Charlotte take on Breaking Bad!
Charlotte can't stand her new house guest. Luckily Horatio found out about an empty apartment across the hall from his own...wait maybe he's not so lucky.

Sorry for the long delay between comic strip updates. We had Katsucon earlier this month and now we're getting ready for Anime Boston in March.
Looks like the little, yellow sheep is making herself quite comfortable in Charlotte's home.

It's been a while but we're back! Aluminumbunny is back from Japan and we're getting ready for the artist alley at Katsucon in a few weeks.
Harvey and Charlotte went out to find the perfect Christmas tree, but they never expected it to be someone's home!

Looks like we'll have to wait until after the holidays to find out more about this little sheep.

We're going to be going on hiatus for a bit while aluminumbunny is away on vacation.
Happy 50th Comic Octopus + Bunny. Here's Harvey and Charlotte as Jorah and Dany from Game of Thrones!

We certainly never thought we could keep this going for 50 comics strips and illustrations. Hopefully we can get to 50 more but in the meantime we'll be working on getting book 2 printed with comics 26-50.
They're coming to get you...and they're hungry for brains!
Ok, so this is a little early...

We posted the very first Octopus + Bunny comic strip on DeviantART on October 24th 2011. Harvey and Charlotte have changed a little bit since then, but we're happy that we've been able to keep the comics going for this long.

Be sure to go back to the beginning and check out our first comic!
Since New York Comic Con is next week we decided to make Harvey and Charlotte super heroes!

Find us in the artist alley at NYCC next Thurs thru Sun (table AA15, listed under Amanda Schank) and pick up some prints or our comic book of the first 25 comic strips.
So...This is what Harvey and Charlotte were doing between all that waiting in the last comic.
@AEWilson: Thanks! ^_^
@animecakey: We definitely hope to be accepted to the artist alley at AB 2014!