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idea for future reference
I've encountered another nice analogy akin to your old religion like wine (Still my favorite, I guess)
"Religion is like an appendix. It may have served some purpose in the past, but it really does nothing for us now, and when it goes bad it can kill you.
Some time during the procedure Latino looking guy needs to come in and reach into the organ.
Yay indeed!
This translation needs to be read in GLaDOS voice and then the "Still Alive" tune needs to start!
I foresee many good things coming :)
How CAN there be blasphemy towards Buddhism? They do not have deities, as far as I know...
How do you insert a picture, and why does it break the .jpg extension ?! [img] and <img> didn't work... 51xl7n.jpg
So, basically when two out of four did eat the apples and got expelled, Madam and Steve have stayed in Eden?
@Apostatus: He still has a huge and extremely rigid organization behind him. In the very beginning of his pope-hood (is this a thing?) his declaration was overturned by Vatican officials. (Don't remember what it was) I feel he is doing his best to bring the church to modernity, but it's still behind-the-scene politics and pressures... I don't think we'll see Buddy Christ any time soon, but change happens.
Once again, great point!
On other hand, isn't EVERYTHING is, supposedly, part of the plan?
Furthermore, pope Francis (love that guy!) is slowly trying to overturn church's attitude to LGBT (so far, though, as in this strip, only mentioned homosexuals)
I have a suspicion this would be considered as less offensive. As those adjectives are agreeable, unlike images...
@Apostatus: Heh, I think that Christianity needs to forgo the gruesome instrument of death as their symbol and go with something more positive in the story, dividing one long cross line into two short parallel ones :)
I'll celebrate, as long as capitalization of his name isn't inverted...
}{appy new year, Apostatus!
Just noticed, there is a typo - "2000 year old cRitique"
That is an excellent point! Never thought about it this way.
I'm reading through the older strips and have just noticed the strikethrough on Religion's shirt. Shouldn't it be on the other one? (perhaps the "son" should be crossed as well.)