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A very clumsy and boring person.

Hobbies: Games, drawing, anime/manga
Occupation: Student
LOL I cracked up so hard at her reaction.
Aiken's face is priceless too xD.
Really love how your art style has developed to this point~

If you don't mind me asking, on the Update! 4/9/15 page, what font were you using?

Best of luck to you!
@chinsuru: Glad you feel that way. I wish I could have expressed this whole flashback scene better.

@jonasfx: My characters are enveloped in angst... ^-^'. Thanks for staying with this comic for so long! I'm well aware of how terribly random my updates are >.>
Man... It's been a long time indeed (8 months?)... Let's hope my art hasn't gotten too rusty.
Nii-san = formal way to call your older brother
... That's... how should I say, you dug your own grave in that case ^^'

Well, I'm not any better. I have a habit of teasing my pokemon by throwing puffs to the side or outright dropping them in front of my pokemon xD... It's funny how they complain at me ^^'
Is it bad that the last few panels makes me want to hug Mewtwo? xD
I'll probably make wallpaper of this later (don't know when though).

... And this is probably as fanservicey I'll ever draw of these two lol.
@Guest: I'll keep that in mind as well. Let's see if I can somehow make a good balance.

@rmo33: xD Same. It would be nice to simply have fun drawing a comic and worry less about my technical and writing skills.

Glad you actually are enjoying the characters. I've been having a feeling that the main characters in this story might be too annoying or possibly angsty.

jonasfx: It's been a while~
Hi everyone lol... So there is .... somewhat of a script right now. Still not complete. Writing stuff out beforehand is definitely not my strong point. Regardless, I'll keep putting efforts on writing the script while doing the comic.

I've noticed when looking back on the comic that I over-dramatize things often.

I'll try to tone down the tendencies I have to make things melodramatic when I write/draw a story >.>... It seems like a bad habit.

So yes, Deep and Shallow is out of hiatus.... for now.
Nope... They're the size of an atom....
Can you guess what that shadow is?~ lol It might be a ghost~


The wait is probably going to get longer @.@'... I've decided to properly write out a script for this story before continuing any further. At the very least, I will draw small little extras for the characters once in a while.
... Mini-break... I don't know how to draw kids ._.
Oi oi oi! I'll fail if I do that lol.

Yup... schoooool.

@Drakanor Dream
It might be difficult, with her personality lol...
I really wish I could draw with foreshortening better... A bit of a redraw of the scene on page 24. Sometimes my art gets crappier instead of better xD.

For those who are really curious
From right to left
"Don't screw around with me!"
"I'm not screwing around! What the hell would you know about me?"

Now to properly start studying for my finals tomorrow....
Noooo... Finals.... I sense doom heading my way....
The title is pretty self explanatory. The story is going to be on hold until I finish writing out a proper script and more thought out sequence of events, as I was advised to do. Hopefully this story won't become even worse ^^'. I might draw some random character related art occasionally though.