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A little bit of this and a little bit of that
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So who is gonna carry Arei now? Doesnt seem like hes ready to get up and march with the others. Will Taron try? Or will Hisu just mutely pick him up and go?
Come on CPR!!
I dunno, I think the cartoony like running guy from left in the top panel sort of takes the cake :p
And I'm sorry but it looks like Taron just got off in panel 3. What was he really doing under that water once he got Arei in his hands :3
That last panel is so very nicely done, good job.
Hey, slight typo on middle panel. Should be "several times" not "rimes"
So, what I'm hoping will happen is that everyone runs across except for Taron cause he can't leave Arei behind. Arei collapses, drained of magic and weak and such. Taron picks up his sorry ass and yells across that they will catch up. The duo is making their way along but then the army catches up so its a bunch of running and hiding. Eventually they find a cave for Arei to rest more while Taron bitches. And then things get more interesting with less clothing ;)
October 12th, 2017
@Zyephen: So I noticed in the recent live stream one of the missing pages being worked on but my question is about the hard copy books. Will they be the standard comic book style that you've used in the past?
August 4th, 2017
Hey, the kings ring poofed in the 4th panel.

Also scary Vade is scary
How to kill the mood in 3 seconds flat? Have Vade show up with a scowl.
Happy Belated B-Day!!
Kaash looks interesting. So does the farm boy guard on the gate. I am super intrigued now.
But on previous page, 33, on the bottom left they looked humanoid.
Hey, I think there might be a slight out of order with the links. Page 33 has them coming out of their dragon state and being humanoid in the last panel where's page 34 has them as dragons for the full page and going strong.

Unless its round 2?
Just wanted to remind you that you do really good facial expressions.
Wohoo, double comic update!!
April 23rd, 2017
Taron's gonna be mad! All these hobos touching HIS Arei.
Poofy tail!
Yay! Dragon time!!
Hot Damn Hisu!!