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Some jerk who draws shit and sometimes live in sorta interesting places.

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@Ariadneowl: If you're on mobile I'm afraid you're out of luck. If you're using a computer, just put your mouse over the comic page and wait for a moment without moving the mouse. text will appear, that is the ALT text.
@zero-san: Sup. I'm the person making the magic happen. I have a comic, but I mostly just focus my energy on ALT texts these days.
Don’t mind me, I’ll just be re-learning how to draw.
@LadyAOI: what do you mean quabegos is a region in sweden actualyy htnks
... aaaand that's just another reason I love you! :D
Okay. I finished my job in Korea, and moved to Japan. I'll be a full-time student and can't work for a while, so that means more time for drawing, YAY!!! YAAAAY! Yaaaaaaay!! Harass me on my tumblr.
I sometimes draw comics, but my specialty is really hover text. When you get down to it.
i drew a comic!!!!! i love yoU!!
Happy birthday to me. I just turned 26. Getting old. But OH WELL. My friend Alice just started a new webcomic, and you should read it! It's an ADULT (18+) comic about some fabulous homos. You can read it here:

Anyway, I recently have been feeling a lot happier about my art and comics, and I have my readers to thank. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!! You guys keep me going.

About the page. I cut out the story because it's relatively mundane and I kinda wanna finish this comic up as soon as possible, so I'll summarize here.

Rosaline was never cheating her with another man. Romy's best friend and roommate at the time (not pictured in either HEARD or SEEN, her name is Mandy) was trying to break Rosaline and Romy up, so she convinced Romy that Rosaline was cheating on her with a man, and everyone had seen them together. In fact, many people HAD seen Rosaline getting friendly with a man, but it was a visiting relative of hers. They were going on a roadtrip to visit the rest of Rosaline's family, which is why Romy didn't see or hear from her for a while. When she saw pictures of them (Rosaline and the man) together on a roadtrip, looking chummy, she assumed the worst and cut off all contact with her, changed her phone number and address. By the time Rosaline came back to town, she couldn't track Romy down and eventually gave up.
Oh, I knew I recognized someone SUPER ATTRACTIVE and SMART!!

Thanks for yet another cameo! <3<3 baww I should compile them all into a lovely collage.
Ohhhhh nooo, it's a title drop.

Yep. Now back to tumblr.

I'm turning 26 soon. (The 16th of December.) Somewhat depressing. But that's life, I guess.
Oh dang, it's about to get real.
You tell 'em, Romy.

Talk to me on my stupid tumblr and let's be internet friends.
I'll be updating on Tuesdays for the next 3 weeks.

(This page and the next 3 were drawn/inked on paper and edited afterwards. Because I'm faster that way.. haha. Though I somehow messed this one up and scrambled things up a bit, oops? The next three are okay.)

You can always follow my stupid tumblr, where I occasionally post art and whatnot.
Presented without commentary.
I'll just leave this here.

I'm not giving up. I PROMISE. A huge shout-out to my readers who have contacted me with encouragement, and especially my comic-making comrades for motivating me. You should read these comics, in no particular order. Pictures of you, Ada Lee Comes On, and Simply Sarah. I feel really lucky to have been on the receiving end of such kind words from the artists responsible for those great works.

Thank you all, and see you soon.

(Fill in the dialogue in the middle panel yourselves. Ahahah.)
@reverendjack: ;3; OH MY GODDDDDD THANK YOU SOO MUCHHH <3<3 Haha SO CUTEEEE! Thank you, baby!! You're too kind! Dang, now you made me all inspired. PFF. JERK.
ROMY and MICHELLE. I see what you did thar~~~ <3<3

@J-F Haha, Vlad doesn't respect the precious bond between a lady and her bed. What a monster. Anyway, thanks for the comment and encouragement. I will definitely keep going until I'm finished. :D