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Woo! Update!
Melody was frozen, mostly forgotten and listening to the Goddesses for 80 years? o.o;
Also, blessed watermelons!
This page just adds more confusing questions and new wild theories. >.>

... Did Melody actually pull them into an interactive flashback? That's quite the power.
@HollowLovePainter2 No, that's Winter and all these are goddesses. Female.

Anyway.. so why is it that the Seasons are letting Melody run around in the conclave circle being her usual nutty self without shooing her away or otherwise acknowledgeing her other than by looking at her run by.

Although that does look like a bit of vein-popping annoyance on Winter's head in the last panel
Yay full complement of seasons!
Can't wait to see what else is revealed in this flashback...

@CeeSea Yes. This is a very serious addiction.
Magical Girl Tea!
Floranne nommed by a bee!
Winter & Spring(?)

This page is full of amusing & awesome.

A weak seal on someone/something called Drandorf.. Who is Drandorf? Is Melody the seal?
Winter's idiot is doing just fine!
Love all the snowmen. Even one being made in the background of panel 5. Awesome!
Our favourite post maiden, a couple answers and still more questions.
Gotta add...
So many questions about Melody, and when we think we've answered some, you throw in another bit to mess up all our speculation. Yet it's all interesting and totally has several of us hooked waiting for the next little bit of info...
Well done.
Noooooo! This was supposed to be Melody's rage power!

Guy is not a maiden. He's also not casting the blizzard, only the girls are.

Now we can all speculate as to why these people are following Melody - and moreso, how they found her!
Clearly they're well aware of her nature.
Just how much of her own powers does Melody actually understand?
Her instinctual use of them is quite impressive. She uses them automatically whenever she senses the need. Conscious control of them is generally lacking, and she surprises even herself with the effects she produces. - So not luck, as Floranne guesses, but pure instinct.

I am curious to see Floranne's apparently quite destructive max-foliage sunflower power.
Comment from last page sill applies. "Winter Fury".
I suppose Floranne, as a demon, is more resistant to these powers.
Winter Fury
Tea & Moth are completely taken in. It's up to Melody to save the day! She's taken much longer than the other two to come out...
Also looks like Floranne is a bit shocked at how quickly they smashed it to pieces.

Clearly the goddess of Tree is quite powerful, and this place is her domain and probably the place where she is most in command of the surroundings. She might not be able to completely alter the mind and body of people just anywhere.
So much speculation... but I suspect we'll have a few answers (and possibly more questions) once Melody is released from her cocoon-plant. At this point, I'll just wait and see.
Great, you decide to update every day with something awesome right when I'm about to go out of town and not have computer access for the week. >.<

Anyway! They are clay-powered? Stab Melody in the head and you can activate them all at once!
Also, I wonder if Melody will try eating the shrooms and, if so, what the consequences will be.
Suspicious! Who (or what) is Melody, really?
She can read Goddess script, she's got super fighting abilities, has been seen to teleport into locked rooms and she (unintentionally) super-charges magic.
Anything else I missed?

On another note, I love her description of the golems!
Sounds to me like the priestesses of old were a bit too demanding of the goddess, to the point that she shut everyone out and people forgot about the whole thing.
Let's activate all the golems!
Don't forget sausage. Sausage is a top priority!
As unexpected as that is, I find it hard to be surprised at any of Melody's abilities.
Maybe it will tell them how to activate the bots!