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kainou lunarfox
Still alive.

I don't visit here often but i'm still here, and someday i might do something.
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Those eyes
I really don't like the look of Kargo's eyes. The last time i remember seeing his eyes look like that, was page 66.
What a loving father that guy is.
kainou lunarfox
September 14th, 2012
Great to see this thing updating with all hell breaking loose. Also Jacob, i sent you a PM with a minor update to my sprites.
Yes i'm highly interested in seeing this comic finished~ It's amazingly made after all.
Well then
If that's the case i suppose all we can do now is imagine how it ends up. Not saying how i see this mess ending because everyone's bound to have different views and i doubt anyone wants a big damn argument starting up on the comment page. It was a great comic while it was up, and i'm sure people who read it will continue to enjoy it.
Looks promising. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this comic~
Shame this comic hasn't been touched in two years with no update for three.. Left off at such an awesome point.. Wish that eventually it could be revived.. Doubt that's ever gonna happen... but I've just re-looked over it and despite a few bits of facepalming (Mainly at my old spriting styles) i do admit i enjoyed re-reading this comic..
YAY! Updates are back! =D and my vote's on Shadik, too.
Nice hat and congrats on 300 comics XD
Hope its not to late but i decided to enter..

my shading still is bleh.
Boy, Kaxo looks ticked off..
My guess when he looks back to find out Caiya isn't there he's gonna have a total panic attack.. XD can't wait to see that.
O.o uh she fell asleep in front of the door so how did she get there? wonder how she's gonna get out too..
Gotta love spaz outs. XD
Hehehe, ya think if Shat'l is a psychic that he'd see that coming... guess they can't see everything.. XD
Lucky you XD I've never been there
*plays benny hill after reading comic* The chase is on. XD
I spy a tree decoration (or two) that looks like Galacta Knight... XD
Haha! I didn't expect him to run. the "That was laame" was just icing to the cake. XD Niice job.
"how is that even possible" Simple. Sword Beam. (See anime for details) XD I kinda feel sorry for "T".. being slashed constantly has GOT to hurt..