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we just a team of awesomeness, we just rock, and we concrete evil.
our team contain:
Yuting Sze:
Ar: NO info

hope you enjoy our comic
is not one person account is a 5 persons account, so don't expect our commend is from 1 individual person is could be other
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why u have to stop Q_Q
nice comic so far XD
Q_Q more please? XD
2 new pages had open, gallery and schedule, gallery is a pages that show case all the art of characters by different illustrator, and schedule are the page that tell the time that we update the manga


enjoy the manga
Cakes are supposedly lies,not victims
But people use cake for different purposes. >w<

Ra'mient wants to make a mess by destroying it~
Pandora wants to eat the cake and go attack mode on people who approach~
Vernados wants to use it to poison someone~

Now I wonder who's idea is best? XD
somehow i notice the kid won't die O_O
@Andrea C.Castro: rai-san is not a group name, our group name is A2RPV, rai-san wrote the storyline , in the team she the one who draw and write story, the other girl Ani is the one who handle yaoi, comedy little short comic that relate to chapter of the story, ( side story) the other person is an editor, and other person is a model for character and handling reading proof. plus this manga and her manga tends to update really slow due to the fact, she did every thing traditionally , no digital edit and everything, beside text
@avaz40: thanks you
@Andrea C.Castro: yerp, is all rai-san is works , since she the hardworking one XD of the team XD
Ani here~

Well...There's a few changes with the characters features,but hey~this is for giggles.=w=

Poor Azure,listening to his comrades.
no , issaac Q_Q, who's that gal?
your water color skill is so awesome
@Andrea C.Castro: sure do XD
is he the same kind like the main character?
OMG, this is so details, everything is gorgeous, would you be interest of reading mine?
i really like your toning skill, would you care to read mine OAO and i cant wait to see what happen next
ur pages is pretty, how long it take u for this tantan, but oh well, he didnt realize he in an inception moment at all XD
yuting note: reupload everything with better grammar and stuff, plus is gonna update daily too ^^
March 19th, 2012
your manga have a really good toning, care to read mine?
wow your works is so details and i like how it going to, please read mine manga, is had fantasy in it
Mini comics~
The characters from Left to right: Vernados,Ra'mient,Pandora,Azure,and Armand
Herro lovely readers~:3

Name's Ani~

Still the credit goes to Miss Yuting Sze for making this manga,and a group thing. O w O

I will be the mini comic illustrator based on humor and outside stories depending on their background stories and case in point:Having Fun.

Hope you enjoy and keep on reading.X3