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@ParadoxComic: as the ultimate zelda fan I have already ordered them and I thank you for putting your hard time and work into something that I love so much 😊
I think I'm like the only one here who doesn't think she's being remoresful in any way. Yes Emily "changed" but you could tell how fake she was from the beginning. She didn't really have to change just drop the act. Which is hard mind you but it's not the same as changing your whole personality of world view.

As for Debbie. She is actually a mean and spiteful person. There is no act here like with Emily. Yes people can grow and change. But I think Debbie is too young to make that kind of change now. Both in mind and body. Shit is ganna go down and Debbie will be the cause. Probably planning it out now

At least that's what I think. I could be wrong and only LittleLynn knows exactly how it will play out. I do hope I'm wrong though. I want it to play out in a way that everyone has a good time.
This is adorable! I'm so glad this has ended up this way.

I am also glad this came out on my birthday ^_^
I've missed you, I'm always excited for your comic ^_^ glad for it to be back.
February 5th, 2018
I'd actually slap anyone who said that to me or one of my friends. Espesically because if I KNEW the situation and it was anything like emily's
Yay pita's back!
I've been missing this and was worried that it wouldn't continue :)

I'm not an artist by any means (honestly the only thing I'm even remotely good at is telling a decent story from time to time) but my boyfriend and I know how hard it gets for him when he gets in an art block, especially when he has a millon ideas going on but can't draw them for whatever reason.

I also believe it is your story so you should be the one to decide at what rate the story moves, just go by how you feel it works best.

Lastly, if things in your own life haven't been going great, that's a perfectly good reason to take a step back and re-evaluate what your plan is.... i understand not wanting to come across as whiney or triggered, i hate feeling that way too, but if things are too tough for you in any way even emotionally it's okay to talk about them, maybe not here but to someone you trust :)
January 29th, 2017
You know, its so hard to decide what I like better. Paradox or ambrosium.

Paradox was way more humour based and I enjoyed it because of it.

But ambrosium dives so much deeper into the story and character's.

It's just so hard to choose lol.
October 10th, 2016
Look at Nia waterbend!

Come on, I can't be the only one who thought of that lol
@GreenKrog: I'm glad I'm not the only one still hurting ovee vic and annie.

And although right now I ship flint and annie if somehow sophie came back into the story I'd probably trade ship back over to them cause they were so darn cute together!
@RosieRaid: yeah I agree with RosieRaid. I liked bree at first but the more I see of her the more I think she is useing Annie and is ganna stab her in her back

But I could be bias for one I'm still hurting over vic and annie breaking up (I just liked them together) and for two I wanr flint x annie to happen. I think they suit each other way more then annie and bitch.... I mean... Bree
I want you to know,I read Velan as Vegan for a second there XD
These guys are just adorable together, I really wanna hate micah for everything he's done but when I see these two together I judt forget about it all.
Why tease us like this! Why such a cliffhanger! Come on! This ain't fair at all I wanna know how emily feels >_<
I dunno if I'm sold on the gray hair, just isn't my thing. That's not to say jorden isn't looking good, I just don't like gray as a colour XD
January 26th, 2016
I dunno I've met some really ugly women and I'm not talking about the outside. Frankly i honestly believe most people are assholes and you gotta look hard to find the few people who are actually good in this rotten world of ours. I'm also pretty messed up from being bullied constantly for years so before anyone gets huffy there is a vaild reason for my pessimistic views on life.
About time! I've been shipping these two since the first moment they met! About time something finally happend with them.

And it better become cannon ya hear me!!!
Periods suck so hard, I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy and if I could I'd have my uterus ripped out of me.... i wana kids someday so unfortunately that isn't an option for me.
@AndreaAD: oh I had no idea that was even an idea, that is amazing :D I really hope that eventually gets all the kinks worked out. For both infertile women and trans women.

Everyone who wants a child, deserves the chance to have one :)
I dunno personally I think she is kinda lying with the whole can't get pregnant "yet" I mean she may not be lying to bree (I have a feeling I got that name wrong becUae I'm kinda half asleep here) but she could be lying to herself. No matter what she does she wasn't born a women meaning she can never have children biologically :/ I'm sorry if any of this comes off as offensive, I honesty do not mean it to, but unfortunately it is the cold hard truth.
Gail is such a total dork deep down inside. I honestly love her so much! Probably because my boyfriend is a big old dork as well, only diffrence, he doesnt have it in him to do anything bad XD