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am terribly curious as to what "SSSSSSSSRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" sounds like.
It seems Diptheria has walked through the wall. Also, just for the readers sake what was playing on the iPod?
@JackFrost21 Peabo and Weebl were the perfect reference, first thing that ran through my head when I saw the title.
@Alohilani So Rooter follewed them back to their ship and waited there through the night and wasn't spotted by Kao or Kila? (Well Kao is a little unperceptive anyway)
Would I be to quick to assume that Rio, (or someone of the same spiecies) was the other character in the Random Cutaway?
The question was directed as to why the weapon was constructed, rather than the hardiness of the race that constructed it. Simply put WHY was the Lakio weapon made.
Why do such a tiny and frail looking race even have a weapon capable of mass destruction? Were they forced to develope weapons for another race like earth has so many times with different countries?
Do any of the characters based from people you know? Also why is Jesamine so much taller compared to the commissioner, do frellans vary in height as drastically as humans? Lastly Kila was reffered to as a kid by the commissioner from incident 9 years ago, so exactly how old is she at this moment? LAstly I dont know if im slow or not but 12 is called a member of an extinct speicies, that would be Lakoi correct?