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I LOVE Pokemon.
I LOVE dragons. (NOT a game reference)
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Your work is amazing. You are a wonderful human being.
I liked your joke, Lime!
Also, I really keep wanting to give every page 5 stars but there's no stars!
Horny red man is exhausted from repeated shafting. He's heard of pain in the back, but this is just ridiculous.

You human beings are great. Such great comments on this page.
@Mccull61: #welp #storyisover
I've been wanting Arii to do that
Oh gosh.
Those thighs are gorgeous
Use glitter as a weapon - great for blinding your enemies... and your friends... and yourself.
@Octopus girl: So immature. ;)
@madori: I second that.
Bold Arii!!
Best page!!
That blissed out face...
@madori: I know. Rawr.
That might be a bit uncomfortable...
Those pretty, pretty eyes.
That poor, poor, beautiful hair!
Only the cheesiness is unforgivable!
So worried!
Deadly Cuteness!!